Protest Ulises Ruiz Ortiz in Chicago, New York and Dallas!

August 17th, 2007: La Jornada and the State of Guanajuato confirmed that Ulises Ruiz Ortiz (URO) and other governors from Mexico are visiting Mexican Consulates in Chicago on August 17th, New York City on August 18th and Dallas on August 19th to discuss migratory reform.

Decentralized autonomous direct actions are taking place at the Mexican Consulate in New York City on Saturday at 3:30pm.

URO will be in Dallas on Sunday at 4pm at the Ramada Inn, 1575 Regal Row, Dallas, Texas, 75247. Friends of Brad Will in Texas will be there doing a non-violent protest outside from 4 to 5 pm.

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Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz of Oaxaca is here as part of the CONAGO delegation of Mexican governors to discuss issues affecting immigrant communities in the USA. We agree that comprehensive immigration reform is an absolute and immediate need for all immigrants in this country. However, it is clear to us that Ulises Ruiz Ortiz is nothing less than a co-conspirator with the US government and multinational corporations in the imposition of a political economy, which forces entire communities from his state to migrate north in search of better lives. Ruiz’s track record has shown that the only thing, which he has offered his constituents is the corporate privatization of their lands and resources. Furthermore, the world has now beared witness to Governor Ruiz’s violent response to the Oaxacan people’s peaceful resistance for survival. It is clear that Ruiz’s solution to Oaxaca’s social problems, is the brutal repression of the Oaxacan People. Ruiz has attempted to quell social unrest through the criminalization of dissent, the militarization of communities, and the direct support of paramilitary groups in his state.

On October 27th, 2006 US journalist Bradley Roland Will (Brad Will) was murdered by plain cloths police officers, who shot him while he videotaped them shoot multiple high caliber rounds at protesters in a crowd. Mexican national and international journalists captured incriminating images of the attack as well. The murderers are free today. Brad’s murder is one of over 30 in a 6 month period, which continue to grow in silence. We are aware that the violence and corruption, which this tyrant executes in the state of Oaxaca, is at the very least influenced if not motivated by the violence and corruption imposed on Mexico by the USA. The United States’ government must also be held accountable for its role in pushing the Oaxacan people, as it pushes all immigrants into the desperate decision, to migrate. The US is complacent with the fruits and benefits of the Mexican people’s land and labor. The militarization of the US border, the condoned violence of racist border vigilante groups, and the illegal ICE raids against immigrants throughout the USA, are just a few examples of crimes committed against all Mexicans.

Today the official lines on terrorism, security and free trade are a challenging contradiction. How does one secure borders from the people, while forcing them open to resources and merchandise? Inside of those resources are immigrants: the number one resource exported from the rest of the Americas to the USA. Fortunately for us, here today another thing we import, is history, and tradition, and along with it resistance. Today we want Ulises Ruiz Ortiz to know, that in New York we know that he is a criminal, and that the Oaxacan People’s Popular Assembly (APPO) is alive and well. For the US government to allow this man, of all Mexicans, into this country is a crime itself. Those of us here today, and the so many others who couldn’t make it are here to demand justice for the people of Oaxaca.


They announced that they would be in San Diego on August 15th, Los Angeles on August 16th, Chicago on August 17th, New York on August 18th and Dallas on August 19th, however URO failed to show up.

“el asesino ulises ruiz siempre es cobarde le saca donde no puede ser nada en contra de nosotros no puede mandar por nosotros porque no es Oaxaca.”

“A menos que quieran viajar hasta Nueva York porque a Los Angeles no vino, yo estvue en la reunion y no dieron chance de hacer mas que una pregunta pero si se me hizo raro que no viniera Ulises ya que Oaxaca es uno de los estados con mayor migrantes y de hecho les iba a preguntar…no hubo chance…pero es bien inteligente nuestro paisano YA SABE LO QUE LE ESPERABA SI VENIA A LOS ANGELES..como que olio cierta presencia de la lucha no???”

Aqui esta la liga donde La Jornada aclara que si, viene el ruiz. Aqui esta el que aclara las fechas de hoy en Chicago. Manana en NYC y el domingo en Dallas.


  1. The Dallas info is: Sunday at 4pm, in Dallas 4:00 pm, Ramada Inn, 1575 Regal Row, Dallas, Texas, 75247

    friends of brad will in texas will be there doing a non-violent protest outside from 4 to 5 pm

  2. El Consulado General de México invita a líderes políticos, medios de comunicación y al público en general a una reunión este domingo 19 de agosto con el gobernador de Colima, Jesús Silverio Cavazos Ceballos, presidente en turno de la Conferencia Nacional de Gobernadores (CONAGO), y el gobernador de Guanajuato, Juan Manuel Oliva Ramírez, presidente de la Comisión de Asuntos Migratorios de la Conferencia.

    El objetivo de la reunión será discutir diversos temas de carácter migratorio y la posición del gobierno de México con relación a la decisión del Senado estadounidense de no seguir adelante con el proceso legislativo encaminado hacia una reforma migratoria integral.

    Este grave error conlleva implicaciones sociales y económicas para ambas naciones, además de no solucionar los cruces indocumentados y las condiciones de riesgo e inseguridad en ambos lados de la frontera que se intentaba resolver con el debate.

    El encuentro tendrá lugar el domingo 19 de agosto a las 4:00 pm en el “Hotel Ramada Inn”, ubicado en el 1575 de la calle Regal Row, Dallas, Texas, 75247, a espaldas de las oficinas de este Consulado General.

    A los medios de prensa que deseen acudir al evento, se les solicita confirmar su asistencia al siguiente correo:

    Al público en general, se le invita a registrarse en la siguiente dirección: Cupo limitado

  3. CALL TO ACTION: Confront Ulises Ruiz in NYC!

    WHAT: Confront Ulises Ruiz in NYC!
    WHERE: Mexican Consulate, 27 E 39th St, btw Park & Madison
    WHEN: 3:30pm, Saturday, August 18th
    WHO: Anyone and everyone who stands in solidarity with the people of Oaxaca; Anyone and everyone who stands against a brutal dictator, police repression, disappearances and murder

    Ulises Ruiz, governor of the Mexican state of Oaxaca, has embarked with several other state-level Mexican officials on a tour of consulates in the United States. On Saturday, August 18th, Ruiz will be meeting at the Mexican consulate in Manhattan to discuss the issue of immigration–ironic, considering that Ruiz’s own policies have forced thousands of Oaxaqueños to flee their homes in fear for their livelihoods and lives.

    As governor, Ulises Ruiz has brutally enforced the status quo of globalization in Oaxaca, defending the massive free trade plan known as Plan Puebla Panama and maintaining the corrupt rule of his party, the Partido Revolucionario Institucional, or PRI. In 2006, a teacher’s strike blossomed into a popular rebellion against Ruiz’s rule, taking control of the capitol city of Oaxaca–and was met with widespread repression. Balking at calls to step down, Ruiz escalated a campaign of police brutality, paramilitary violence, disappearances and extrajudicial murder in order to maintain his position as a strongman for the rich and powerful in southern Mexico. Among his victims was Brad Will, an independent journalist from New York City who had traveled to Oaxaca to document the Oaxacan peoples’ struggle for democracy.

    Today the popular uprising in Oaxaca, embodied in the directly-democratic people’s assembly known as the Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca (APPO), continues its struggle for autonomy in the face of formidable violence and oppression. This Saturday, when Ulises Ruiz appears in New York City, come out to confront his program of lies and brutality!

    Expose a dictator who claims to represent those he oppresses, terrorizes and murders!

    Unveil the sham of governments and economies built on violence, corruption and greed!

    Stand in solidarity with APPO and direct democracy in Oaxaca!


    The Ulises Ruiz Welcoming Committee


  4. by la otra atx
    A couple of people are going to Dallas [from Austin] and before the protest we are going to have a meeting on a Cosmic Cafe at 3pm the address is 2912 Oak Lawn, Dallas Tx. 75219 hope to see you there!!!

  5. El sábado 18 de agosto , cerca de 50 personas recolectaron fuera del consulado mexicano para protestar Ulises Ruiz, el gobernador de Oaxaca. Ulises Ruiz es responsable de, entre otras cosas, asesinato, tortura, y desapariciones en Oaxaca. Ruiz, junto con un número de otros gobernadores, estaba en Nueva York para discutir reforma de la inmigración. El domingo estarán en Texas. El acontecimiento, patrocinado por el Comité de la Bienvenida a Ulises Ruiz, fue instalado con menos de 24 horas de aviso. A las 3:30pm los manifestantes comenzaron a juntarse fuera del consulado mexicano en la 27 E. de la Calle 39. Pronto se supo que un número de los gobernadores, posiblemente incluyendo Ruiz, estaban en un restaurante cerca. El nombre del Restaurante es ‘Salute’. Mientras que delante del consulado por lo menos dos objetos, posiblemente tomates, fueron lanzadas. Los manifestantes rodearon el restaurante agitando con cante y carteles. Algunos manifestantes lograron entrar en el restaurante y rápidamente fueron lanzados hacia fuera, por algunos empleados/guardias del negocio. Los empleados del restaurante comenzaron a empujar a manifestantes cuando intentaron cerrar la puerta de servicio y en un punto alguien, posiblemente el encargado, cargó contra los manifestantes. En poco tiempo un manifestante le dio un tirón a las mesas y sillas del restaurante afuera en la acera. Los manifestantes mantuvieron los gobernadores en el restaurante hasta cerca de las 6pm y se cancelo una rueda de prensa de los gobernadores programado para las 5pm. Acerca de las 6pm los varios gobernadores y algunos otros salieron del restaurante acompañado por la policía y escoltado a dos vehículos, uno de los cuales tenía placas diplomática. La policía requisaron dos taxis adicionales para los miembros restantes de su partido. Nunca fue confirmado si Ruiz estaba realmente en el restaurante.

    por Alex Nathanson
    Trasladado por Analysta

    On Saturday August 18, about 50 people gathered outside of the Mexican Consulate to protest Ulises Ruiz, the governor of Oaxaca. Ulises Ruiz is responsible for, among other things, murder, torture, and disappearances in Oaxaca. Ruiz, along with a number of other governors, was in New York to discuss immigration reform. On Sunday they will be in Texas. The event, sponsored by the Ulises Ruiz Welcoming Committee, was set up with less than 24 hours notice. At 3:30 protesters started gathering outside of the Mexican Consulate at 27 E. 39th Street and it soon became known that a number of the governors, possibly including Ruiz, were at a nearby restaurant. While in front of the Consulate at least two things, possibly tomatoes, were thrown. The protesters surrounded the restaurant chanting and waving placards. A few protesters were able to enter the restaurant and quickly got thrown out, but someone managed to flip over all the tables and chairs that belonged to the restaurant that were on the sidewalk. Restaurant employees started pushing protesters when they tried to get the service door closed and at one point someone, possibly the manager, charged at the protesters. The protesters were able to keep the governors in the restaurant until about six and forced them to cancel a five o’clock press conference. Around six the various governors and a few other people left the restaurant under a heavy police guard and got into two SUVs, one of which had diplomat license plates. The police commandeered two additional taxis for the remaining members of their party. It was never confirmed whether or not Ruiz was actually in the restaurant.

    By Alex Nathanson

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