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A book to share. Black August: Political Prisoners in Struggle

George Jackson funeral. Photo by Stephen Shames.
We at El Enemigo Común are pleased to share the Spanish-language book Agosto Negro: Presas y presos políticos en lucha (Black August: Political Prisoners in Struggle), written by a member of our collective, Carolina Saldaña and published by SubVersiones at the end of December, 2016, in Mexico City.

Dozens of migrants attacked and kidnapped in Oaxaca

by Scott Campbell December 30, 2010 On December 16, a freight train left Arraiga, Chiapas, with 300 migrants from Central America riding on top of it. While passing through Oaxaca the train was stopped twice. First, around 100 people were…

Music and art from the social movement in Oaxaca

November 21, 2008: Below is a video Scott Campbell recorded and edited of the son jarocho group Raices performing one of the anthems of Oaxaca’s social movement, “Son de la Barricada”, at Nueva Babel in Oaxaca. It’s accompanied by Scott’s…

Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad

(A Little Bit of So Much Truth) July 2007 – Corrugated Films writes: In the summer of 2006, a broad-based, non-violent, popular uprising exploded in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. Some compared it to the Paris Commune, while others…

Granito de Arena in Watsonville

Dear Peaceworkers, It’s a Friday night special with a free film, free snacks, everyone welcome, Please join us. Grain of Sand (Granito de Arena) The teachers struggle in Oaxaca Spanish with English subtitles

Mal de Ojo TV / indymedia Oaxaca videos

Oaxaca Video Collective Needs Your Support. Please support Independent Media in Oaxaca. November 3rd, 2006 – The media collective that Brad was in contact with in Oaxaca needs some support. They are the video people who compressed and uploaded Brad’s…