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Gloria Arenas demands freedom for Atenco prisoners at the Molino de Flores Otro Plantón

Gloria Arenas visited the Otro Plantón at Molino de Flores and voiced her commitment to speak in all possible places for the freedom of the 12 political prisoners of Atenco now that the case is in the hands of the Supreme Court. She and others present also participated in an act of protest outside the prison, denouncing prison conditions such as a lack of water for more than three days, telephones that haven’t worked for more than three days, and the total lack of attention to dormitory classification. People who are not senior citizens or disabled or mentally ill are placed in areas reserved for them, resulting in violence among the prisoners and worse conditions for those who have a special condition.

Gloria also received a phone call from Inés Rodolfo Cuellar who has become the spokesperson for the imprisoned comrades. Several other individual prisoners sent out letters to Gloria and Jacobo, which Gloria gladly promised to answer.





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Atenco Resists Festival: “12 Prisoners, 12 States” Tour Closes

Atenco Resists Starting around 10 o’clock in the morning on Sunday, December 13, the main plaza in San Salvador Atenco started to fill up with young people of all ages ready to move their bodies to the sounds of jarocho, trova, hip hop, reggae and, more than anything ska, ska, and ska! These festivities marked the end of a successful tour to spread information and build support for the 12 political prisoners and 2 politically pursued people from Atenco. They also marked the beginning of a new stage in the campaign to bring them home in 2010.

Comrades came from Oaxaca, Monterrey and several other states and countries, including Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and the United States joined in the campaign to learn more about it while enjoying the vibrant rhythms, hot or cool, of the trova from Chile, Cuban music with Radio Son, son jarocho with Los Cojolites of Veracruz, intense songs of Vicente Cayo and hip hop soul by the Chilean singer Moyenei. A lot of people also came mainly to hear some of the best-known bands in Mexico ––Panteón Rococó, Los de Abajo, Los Guanabana and the Cyberpachukote Sound System. Some already knew a lot and others just a little about the defense of these lands and the price paid for it, but everybody knew where they were headed and nobody has missed out on the fact that the word “Atenco” means “resistance.” Even though there was some impatience over the time spent reading statements, the rebellious spirit of the music was contagious, as was the solidarity shown by Roco, Odisea, “el Oso”, Dr. Shenka, and other musicians who got everyone jumping while they shouted out for the freedom of the prisoners and called on the crowd to express their feelings for Calderón and other known tyrants.

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Paramilitaries Shoot Four Children, One Dead

D.R. 2009 – Nancy Davies While Indigenous and Local Organizing Continues

By Nancy Davies
Commentary from Oaxaca
The Narco News Bulletin

November 30, 2009

Within hours of meetings between indigenous activists from San Salvador Atenco in Mexico State, from Chiapas, and from Oaxaca, government repression arrived in the town of San José del Progreso, and death in the municipality of San Juan Copala. San José del Progreso is the site of the mine La Trinidad owned by the Canadian transnational Fortuna; Copala is the municipality which declared its autonomy at the height of the social struggle in 2006.

Peoples of Oaxaca and social organizations including the People’s Front in Defense of the Land (FPDT) of San Salvador Atenco decided to join forces to prevent the construction of dams, wind generator projects, highways and mining on indigenous territory. During a meeting which took place on November 29 in Zaachila, Oaxaca, Adán Lopez Santiago stated, “It is necessary to fight united because if not neoliberalism will enslave us.” Lopez Santiago represents the Council of Peoples in Defense of Land and Territory which convoked united delegates from the struggle against eolic parks on the Isthmus, as well as Peoples in Defense of the Río Verde who oppose the construction of a hydroelectric dam called Paso de la Reina. The dam would affect 3,100 hectares covering six towns.

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Atenco political prisoner in solidarity with the peoples’ struggles

atenco Letter from Felipe Álvarez to La Jornada

Monday, November 9, 2009

Eight years after we began our resistance struggle against the invading, oppressive, killer system, I urge people to keep up the struggle. There’s no torture that can change the course of our ideals. They can chain my body but never my consciousness. And they can’t chain the dignity and spirit of our peoples who are struggling for what belongs to them either.

The government is still determined to dispossess us of what is ours and put all this at the service of empire, grabbing our lands, our water, oil, light and the little bit of wealth we have left.

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