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Thousands March in the Oaxacan Coast to Reject the Paso de la Reina Dam

No paso de la reina by VOCAL

On the 4th of December in the community of Jamiltepec, thousands of people from at least 22 communities along the Oaxacan Coast, plus teachers from the Pinotepa sector of the Teacher´s Union (Section 22) participated in a march in order to declare their opposition to the imposition of the “Paso de la Reina Multiple Use Hydraulic and Reservoir Project”.

Dozens of signs expressed total rejection of the megaproject. The march was lead by representatives from each community. Women wore white dresses painted with black slogans that denounced the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) and the bad government. Hundreds of posters, of all sizes, were carried by men, women, elderly, and children. Each one declared his/her opposition to the project and commitment to defend mother earth and the water, and demanded respect for the people and their communities in a different way.

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NO to the construction of the Paso de la Reina Multi-use Hydroelectric Dam and Reservoir

No paso de la reina Undersigned organizations take a unanimous stand

We, the peoples, communities and organizations gathered together in the community of Tataltepec de Valdés, Juquila, Oaxaca, on September 5, 2009, who have come from different regions of the state of Oaxaca and from other states in the country, including the organizations Sangre Chatina, the Peoples’ Council in Defense of the Land and Territory against the imposition of the Southern Toll Highway, the community of Benito Juárez Chimalapa in defense of its communal territory and property; the Teotiteco de la Cañada Civic Front, Oaxacan Voices Building Autonomy and Freedom (VOCAL), and the Peoples’ Front in Defense of the land of San Salvador Atenco (FPDT), all of whom are suffering the authoritarianism, dispossession, and looting of our natural resources imposed by the projects and mega-projects of the bad government, whether local or federal, which has used its repressive apparatus to harass, persecute and impose repression and death on our peoples because we have dared to defend our land and territories:

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