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Support and Solidarity Requested for VOCAL and the Social Movement in Oaxaca

We of the space called Oaxacan Voices Constructing Autonomy and Freedom (VOCAL) are writing to denounce the serious climate of harassment, criminalization, and persecution that the Ulises Ruiz Ortiz government and the local news media have directly unleashed against some of our members in recent weeks.

In particular, the repression began to get heavier after the events of June 20, 2008, when the organized people impeded Ulises Ruiz Ortiz’s presence in a public act convened by the municipal government of Zaachila.

They are blaming our members for initiating violence, when this was provoked by the PRI party municipal President Noe Perez, and his father, Mr. Natalio Pérez, who pistol in hand, fired at people peacefully protesting to defend themselves against the imposition of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz’s presence in their lands. This aggression is documented in photos and videos.

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