The Day After the Next Attack, Converge on the Mexican Consulate in SF!

A Letter to the Bay Area writes: On Monday, October 30th, as residents of Oaxaca were preparing for another police-attack, all over the world we answered a call to bring the struggle to our cities. In San Francisco over the past week we’ve attended and organized vigils, protests, and benefit film screenings at the drop of a hat. We’ve cried and held each other as we were told our friends were taken from this world by the bullets and brutality of right wing paramilitaries and the federal police of Mexico.

And still, after all these demonstrations we are looking for ways to let Oaxaca know that we are listening to them, that we worry for them, and that above all we support them. We are looking for ways to show an ambitious solidarity. We have promised ourselves that we will not sit by idly as those who struggle to change their world are murdered by the capitalists, bureaucrats, and police-mercenaries.

The Day After

The day after the next attack on the people of Oaxaca, we will converge at the Mexican Consulate. We will dance, we will scream, and we will take direct action. We will take the risk of believing in the impossible: that as they globalize capitalism we can globalize resistance, we can globalize solidarity. In our increasingly fragmented world we can be responsible for one another– we can support one another in all of our struggles for self-determination, dignity, and joy.

On the day after the next attack on the people of Oaxaca we will meet at Folsom Street and First Street at both 7am and 5pm to demonstrate what we believe will be true after the smoke clears: victory comes to those who dare fight for it.
Victory to Oaxaca!

If you would like to alerted before the day of action write your contact information to: