DC: March to Defend Oaxaca!

We Support The APPO! We Support The Teachers!

DC Oaxaca Solidarity Action writes: To defend the successes of the Oaxacan people’s struggle, to assure that the teachers can live in peace without the violent poverty being forced on them, and to put an end to the government repression in Oaxaca, we will march from the Mexican Embassy (1911 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC) to the Mexican Consulate (2827 16th St. N.W. Washington, DC 20009) Thursday, November 16th. We will meet at 5:30 at the embassy, the march will start at 6:00.

We cannot ignore the brutal repression of the Oaxacan people. We must support the Oaxacan people’s struggle in Oaxaca and denounce the repression that has already resulted in scores of deaths, widespread unlawful detention and the torture of political prisoners. Plainclothes officers continue to harass and kill protestors each day, and the PFP (Riot police) prepare for renewed offensives. The escalation of violence must stop! Long live the Oaxacan people’s struggle!

— call issued by DC Oaxaca Solidarity Action, an ad-hoc group formed by participants in the action on 10/30.

source: dc.indymedia.org