Education Not Incarceration Supports Oaxaca Uprising and 11/20 Solidarity Actions

November 19th, 2006 – We, Education Not Incarceration, want to emphasize the connection between growing incarceration rates in the United States, which often result from job-lessness caused by globalization of the workforce, and the poverty and uprising against neo-liberalism by the people of Oaxaca. In Mexico people are forced to work and live in extreme poverty conditions, resulting from free-trade laws that enable US corporations to extract human and natural resources from Mexico without any protections on the people or the land. The uprising in Oaxaca began with a teacher strike.

More about Education Not Incarceration

To Empower Our Youth and Stop Them From Being Pushed Out of School and Into Prison

Short term goals:

1. End the policy of expulsions and suspensions.

2. Reallocate funding from incarceration and policing to create Youth and Family Centers, where wrap-around programming supports students to stay in school.

3. Provide Cultural Competency Trainings for educators.

4. Replicate the Kalamazoo Promise where any student finishing public school in Kalamazoo, Michigan, receives 100% scholarships to state and community universities.

Mid Term Goals:

1. Create learning communities that incorporate supportive programs, rather than policies of expulsion and suspension.

2. Increase parent, teacher and student participation.

3. Instead of incarceration in the Juvenile “Justice” System, engage youth in alternative programs.

4. Develop a strong, stable workforce within our schools that is reflective of our community.

5. End testing that is punitive against schools or students and hold state and federal governments accountable for equitable, quality schools.

Long Term Goal:

Recreate the education system to empower and engage all young people in creating a world that they envision.

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