Oaxaca Encuentro in NYC

To learn more about the struggle that Brad Will was in Oaxaca to document, come to this day of engaging workshops + movies at night!

Oaxaca Encuentro on Sunday, November 12th @ St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery from 2pm until Midnight!
131 E. 10th St on the corner of 2nd Ave in Manhattan’s East Village

Oaxaca Encuentro Agenda:

2p Introduction

2:15p “The Common Enemy and the Machete”: Neoliberalism and Resistance in Oaxaca* (w/ el pinche simón and friends)

4:15p Break

4:30p Horizontal Solidarity with Oaxaca* (w/ zapagringo & friends)

6:30p Dinner Break

7:30p Building Indigenous Women’s Autonomy in Zapatista Communities (special presentation from the Mexico Solidarity Network)

8:45p Break

9:00p Movies ’til Midnight!
(Films documenting Brad Will’s Memorial in Oaxaca; Successful popular resistance to government attacks on the teacher’s encampment and an autonomous university in Oaxaca City; Women taking over television and radio stations in Oaxaca; and more!)

* If you are interested in going to Oaxaca, we strongly encourage you to attend the first two workshops “The Common Enemy…” and “Horizontal Solidarity…” and get in touch with us at zapagringo (at) gmail.com