Oaxaca Solidarity Camp in San Diego

November 19th, 2006 – san diego indymedia volunteer writes: The Oaxaca Solidarity Camp has continuously occupied the sidewalk outside the Mexican Consulate in San Diego, 24/7, for 21 days, since the invasion of Oaxaca by Mexican federal troops on October 29, in solidarity with the Oaxacan resistance’s demands put forth by The Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO): that the murderous governor Ulises Ruiz be removed, that the federal troops leave Oaxaca, and that all political prisoners be released and the disappeared be returned.

The Camp has been educating the community about the human rights violations occurring in Oaxaca and the ongoing resistance through banners proclaiming Fox and Ruiz as murderers and listing the demands of the resistance, photographs showing the invasion and the people’s resistance, flowers and a Dia de los Muertos altar, flyers, rallies and marches, chants, one-on-one discussions and videos. People waiting in line outside the consulate in the morning have been particularly receptive to these messages. Corporate media showed modest, sound-bite-level interest in the events in Oaxaca and the Camp early on, but characteristically lost interest in one of the most important stories of repression and resistance of this century.

The Camp has weathered the unsuccessful efforts of consulate personnel and cops to repress its solidarity actions, including illegal detentions, surveillance, attempts at infiltration, violent threats and actions against marchers, including ramming a copcar into the wheelchair of a protester, and endeavoring to turn local businesses and residents against the protesters. Although relations with residents of the high-priced neighborhood surrounding the consulate were rocky at first, with some complaints about noise, the warmth of the people occupying the camp and the power of their message has won over the locals, leading to friendly relations, expressions of support and donations of food.

Numerous solidarity actions around the globe are planned for the days leading up to Nov 20, when the EZLN has called for solidarity blockades, including a rally at the Mexican Consulate in San Diego, 1549 India St in Little Italy on Sun Nov 19 at 2PM.

Highlights/Reports from the camp since the Oaxaca Solidarity March on Nov 5:

The Attitude of the Mexican Consul Nov 6-7: Since the Mexican government is a strict hierarchy it is no surprise that the local Mexican consul is of course their echo. Instead of acknowledging that his role is to understand and service the requests of all Mexicans, he is concerned only with offering up Mexico (and its population) to foreign tourists and investors, not caring if Oaxacans barely survive while living at the mercy of fear, exploitation, torture and murder. Read More

Meeting Held at Mexican Consulate Nov 8: Groups, organizations, collectives and individuals met in a formal attempt to develop a more consistent coordination with all people in solidarity with the Oaxacan struggle, lead by the APPO, about the responsibility of the encampment in front of the Mexican Consulate. Read More

SD Street Party: A little birdie told me that people are planning to go the Mexican Consulate in Little Italy the night that the corrupt, murderous governor of Oaxaca, Ulises Ruiz, announces his resignation, which is the principal demand of the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca, a coalition of teachers, students, farmers, indigenous groups and other social movements. Read More

Sister of Brad Will Visits Solidarity Camp Nov 10: Yesterday, Christy Will (Brad Will’s sister) came to visit the Solidarity encampment in front of the Mexican consulate in San Diego. She thanked us for what we are doing and was visibly moved by the show of support that our encampment has made for the people of Oaxaca. Read More

Morning Videos Nov 15-17: Campers have been showing the video Victoria Todos Santos (PFP attack on the University repelled – Nov 2) on a laptop to the people standing in line waiting to enter the consulate in the mornings while explaining the situation in Oaxaca and the purpose of the Camp. The video helped to make real the difficult situation people in Oaxaca face and their courage and determination. Especially moving to the viewers was the interview with a young boy participating in the battle to protect the University. Watch the Video from Mal de Ojo TV

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