Oaxaca solidarity film evening in London

November 1st, 2006 – IMCista writes: Federal Preventative Police (PFP) are still advancing on the city of Oaxaca in the hopes of dislodging the Peoples’ Popular Assembly (APPO). In the face of an impending military occupation of their city, determined residents are resisting the invasion without resorting to violence. We’ll be showing video testimony shot by authentic journalists determined to document the truth about the Mexican state violence, including ‘ROMPER EL CERCO’ (Break The Siege), ‘EL ENEMIGO COMÚN’ (The Common Enemy) and other video and footage direct from Oaxaca.

‘ROMPER EL CERCO’ (Break The Siege):

This documentary reveals the mass media’s strategy that ignores the concerns of the population and generates a climate of fear in order to justify a massive police deployment.

3.000 riot cops enter Atenco with a cruel brutality. The results are devastated homes, massive and arbitrary arrests, rapes and several violations of human rights that remind us of the Latin American dictatorships of the 70s. Solidarity protests take place from Berlin to Montreal. “Breaking the siege” tells the story of those who didn’t get the chance to speak in the mass media and who do not feel intimidated in the struggle for their rights.


‘EL ENEMIGO COMÚN’ (The Common Enemy):

Bouncing back and forth from community to community, “el enemigo común” is both an introduction to some of the many ignored resistances in North America, and it is also an urgent call to action for international civil society, to stand in solidarity against state sponsored repression and for human peace, dignity and justice, in Oaxaca, Mexico. The film provides a historical context for the current violent incarnation of capitalism and empire, and provokes action against it as a common enemy.


other video and footage direct from Oaxaca.

Saturday 4th November from 8:00pm
at EVERYTHINGFOREVERYONE cafe & infoshop, 4 Dalston Lane (opposite the peace mural).

https://www.centrodemedioslibres.org/ (in Spanish)

source: http://indymedia.org.uk/en/regions/london/2006/11/354961.html