Oaxaca solidarity ‘cacerolazo’ besieges Mexican Embassy

December 9th, 2006 – WSQT Guerrilla Radio 1710 AM writes: Once again, outraged protestors descended on the Mexican Embassy to support the besieged residents of Oaxaca and the APPO. This time, people brought out a cacophony of banging pots and pans.

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Oaxaca Solidarity events in DC: Dec. 15/16 (Film Screening, Firsthand Report, Slide Show, Videos)

This kind of protest was made famous in Argentina during the financial collapse and was previously used in Northern Ireland.

The protests was incredibly noisy and you can bet the people inside the Embassy heard this one! Unlike last time, we got no police harassment as it is a lot harder to screw with 30 people than with 8 or 9.

One speaker reminded everyone that another international solidarity call has been issued for Dec 22, asking for actions at embassies and consulates around the world.

Another speaker (near the end of this audio piece) remind everyone that what is happening in Oaxaca is an extension of what is happening here, as corporate thugs based in North America seek to exploit all the people of Central America.

He pointed out that Oaxaca does not need fighters to go south from North America, but instead are need right here! In other words, we need to strike at the head of the capitalist octopus to stop its tentacles from choking the life out of places from Oaxaca to Colombia Heights. Gentrification here and the exploitation of Native land in Central America have a common root, and it is OUR responsibility to dig it up.

source: dc.indymedia.org