Los Pueblos en Resistencia de Nueva York con los Pueblos de Oaxaca

Oaxaca Solidarity Benefit / Solidaridad con Oaxaca
Sunday 12.17.06 2pm – 12am

Julia de Burgos Cultural Arts Center
1680 Lexington Avenue
(corner of 106th Street)
(esquina de la Calle 106)

$5 -$10
Suggested Donation (no one turned away)
Coperacion Voluntaria (ninguno rechazado)

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All proceeds go to sending media resources and medical supplies to some of Oaxaca’s most remote indigenous communities, in order to contribute to their ability to document their own histories of collective organizing and resistance.

Todas las donaciones van para mandar equipo de medios y medicinas para algunas de las comunidades mas remotas de oaxaca, para poder contribuir a su abilidad de documentar sus propias historias de resistencia y organizacion colectiva.

Donate in Solidarity with Oaxaca

Elenemigocomun.net and PalenqueUrbana.org are collaborating on a Oaxaca solidarity fundraising strategy, which is based in contributing media resources and medical supplies to some of Oaxaca’s most remote indigenous farmworker communities. The organizations we are directly contributing to are CODEP-APPO, COMPA, OIDHO and AMZ. The paramilitary violence highlighted by the recent assassination of NYC Indymedia journalist Brad Will, has been an all too prevalent reality for Oaxaca’s indigenous communities.

Most of the attention and aid going to Oaxaca today is concentrated in the state’s capital, as a result of recent clashes there. However, the history and future of paramilitary violence in Oaxaca is rooted in the natural resource extraction of its most remote communities. The strategic displacement of these communities, in order to gain access to their resources, and subsequently to their cheap labor, is the driving force behind paramilitary violence today. Communities who organize and resist this violence are met with brute police force.

In fact, the violent displacement of communities of color around our world, is directly connected to the political and economic forces at play in Oaxaca. This is an imposition which reduces human life to a mere variable in an economic equation, and a disposable variable at that.

For this reason palenqueurbana.org and elenemigocomun.net are collaborating, and reaching out to you or your organization for support. We are currently engaging in a local outreach / popular education campaign on the current situation in Oaxaca and its relevance to our own communities in resistance here in the US.

We would like to invite your organization to collaborate with us in this effort to contribute to this popular movement in Oaxaca, and together work on actions to help maintain attention to the situation, educate ourselves and our communities, and raise funds for medical supplies and media resources for the communities at most risk.

The vast majority of the medical supplies will be purchased in country as they are readily available and less expensive. To that end cash donations are strongly encouraged. Please click the “Make a Donation” button to use paypal.com, a credit card or debit card.

Media supplies can include as many of the following as possible:

– digital video cameras (Including old digital 8 camcorders)
– digital photographic cameras and memory chips
– digital audio recorders w/ mic input
– laptops w/ a particular need for macintosh g3 or better
– external hard-drives
– head sets and microphones
– cables: Firewire, USB, RCA, RCA to 1/8 inch, S-video etc.
– analogue to digital converter
– mini dv and digital 8 tapes
– mini disc recorders and mini discs
– blank dvd-r (minus not plus), cd-r’s

Please contact [email protected] about equipment donations!