Solidarity with Oaxaca in Seoul, S. Korea

On December 22nd, 2006, a day international solidarity mobilizations, the people of Korea organized common action to have a protest and press conference in front of the Mexican Consulate in Seoul. We lodged a strong note of protest to stop state repression in Oaxaca!

A critical documentary about neoliberalism and struggles in Oaxaca, “El Enemigo Comun (The Common Enemy)”, and if possible “La toma de canal nueve en Oaxaca (The taking of channel 9 in Oaxaca)” or “La toma de las radios en Oaxaca (The taking of the radios in Oaxaca)” will be screened on December 23rd for donation to APPO and people struggling in Oaxaca.

Korean peoples’ Solidarity for people in Oaxaca!!!

Oaxaca, Mexico is at war.

The government is pointing their guns at their people. Angry Mexicans are rising up against the government.

Since June 14th of this year, official sources report 145 people sent to jail, 17 people including two children killed, 33 people seriously injured, and 65 missing people.

But the numbers may be distorted as a result of the suppression of the press, jailings, tortures, murders, and other forms of state violence.

Even though the United Nations demanded that the Mexican government negotiate with protesters, the state police set up check points in every corner of the city to illegally search and arrest demonstrators.

Faced with this severe oppression, the Oaxacan people never lost hope for a better future and are courageously fighting against the government. Their struggle is spreading beyond the city.

When the Mexico government was negotiating NAFTA, they promised their people a brighter future. Now, 18 years later, 70% of people are living under the absolute poverty line, while thousands of people risk their life crossing the border to get a job.

The Mexican government (and the former ruling party PRI, still in power in Oaxaca) has repeatedly committed murders, illegal surveillance, election fraud and other acts of violence. During the recent 6-year term of the Fox administration, the government has continued the aggressive privatization of public services such as ports, roads, railways, education, health, etc.

The government is selling off the Mexican people’s public services while a handful of corrupt politicians are doing everything they can to keep power in their own hands.

The Oaxacan people’s struggle is the focal point of the grassroots democratic movement in Mexico now. It is a fight against ongoing neo-liberal globalization which allows unlimited freedom only to the corporate elite.

Their struggle is definitely also connected to the Korean people’s resistance to the Korea-US FTA. Because the Korean government has taken the same approach with the FTA that the Mexican government did with NAFTA.

Most of all, the two governments are the same in ignoring the will of the people, and in beating and killing workers and farmers who raise their voice for a better life. In Korea, the government has blocked off roads to isolate villagers who refuse to give up their land for a foreign military base.

Their globalization project will never bring the happiness that they promise, but will destroy the social democracy that exists now along with basic human rights. The present situation of Mexico vividly illustrates this.

That’s why we must struggle in solidarity with the people of Mexico. Our future is linked with theirs. Now people around the world are standing up in solidarity with the Oaxacan people. The EZLN announced that they would fight together to support the Oaxacan struggle on November 1st, when they organized several surprise protests in Mexico.

This December 22nd is the International Day of Solidarity with the Oaxacan uprising. Direct actions and cyber vigils are being planned at Mexican embassies in dozens of countries.

On December 22nd, there will be a protest rally in front of the Mexican embassy in Korea as well. The next day, a critical documentary about neoliberalism and struggles in Oaxaca will be screened in MEDIACT, Gwanghwamoon at 7pm, by Media Culture Action.

Come join the rally and the screening to show our will to struggle in solidarity.