Latest information about the detainees from January 17

To the Peoples of the World
To the Adherents of the Other Campaign
To the Free Communications Media

Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca January 18, 2007

We inform you that at 11:53PM we found out that the companeros Ramiro Martinez Caballero from the Oaxacan Zapatista Network and Eduardo Alberto from the Automous Libertarian Resistance Bloc, both adherents of the Other Campaign were found by lawyers at the Municipal Police headquarters accused of harming a patrol officer.

We know the crimes they are accused of are fabricated, as this false justice wants to do away with the movement.

Right now lawyers are inside the grounds and a camp is also being set up outside the municipal police headquarters to demand freedom for the companeros and information about their physical and psychological conditions.

An injunction against disappearances and torture has been presented, although the lawyers have not yet been able to enter at this hour of the morning.

We blame Ulises Ruiz Ortiz for everything that might happen to us, and all the police who ever since the beginning of his government have done nothing but commit crimes against the people of Oaxaca.

We ask that everyone who sees this message carry out actions and call on the federal government to demand that all the dissappeared companeras and companeros are found alive, the political prisoners are freed, and all of the just demands of the people of Oaxaca are resolved.

For the reconstitution and the free association of the peoples, Popular Indigenous Council of Oaxaca “Ricardo Flores Magn” CIPO-RFM