Short Films & Reportback in Watsonville

Short Films and Reportback on the People’s Resistance in Oaxaca, Mexico

Vladimir Flores and Shannon Young, Oaxaca correspondents for Free Speech Radio News, will be on hand to present a series of films produced by Mal de Ojo TV. There will also be a reportback and slideshow from Daniel and Ariel, Santa Cruz residents who spent three months in Oaxaca in late 2006.

March 1, 2007
Watsonville Brown Berets Office
406 Main St, Watsonville, behind Ritmo Latino

In the Bicentennial of Juarez – This is What Happened in Oaxaca (8:08): An overview of the popular uprising from June to November of 2006

About the Struggle (8:11): Reflections on the who, what, why, and how of the popular movement in Oaxaca

Viguera (5:16) Federal police take revenge on a neighborhood that blocked their entrance into Oaxaca City

The Victory of All Saints Day (11:49) Local people win a seven hour street battle against police attempting to clear barricades around the state university

In Memoriam (8:55) The Day of the Dead memorial for Indymedia videographer Brad Will in the barrio where he was killed

Slideshow with Music (9:04) A photo slideshow from June to November of 2006 set to music
by Oaxaca’s Jaime Luna

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