Call Out for Solidarity with Oaxaca Anarchist Prisoners

Music and Politics to Raise Money for Oaxacan Anarchists Awaiting Trial in Mexico

July 12, 2007 – Anarchist Federation in Sheffield, Britain writes: In 2006 Mexican activists, anarchists and communities in the city of Oaxaca participated in an uprising in support of the teachers union yearly strike. This uprising lead to the occupation of the city centre; state television and radio and many government buildings, seeing the establishment of the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO). Some of the APPO demands are a recognition of indigenous rights and autonomy, gender equality, political accountability, opposition to neoliberalism, a demand for an alternative education, and collectively-run media.

State reprisals against APPO and the activists involved have been violent and brutal with over 20 activists going missing or being killed by paramilitaries, including American Indymedia journalist Brad Will, in their attempts to regain control of the city and destroy the political organisations involved. After state forces finally managed to crush the uprising many activists regarded as “leaders” were taken into custody and are now awaiting trial. Two anarchists; 20 year-old Oscar Santa Maria Caro and 29 year-old Sacramento Delfino Cano Hernandez were arrested by plain cloth police officers when leaving their house. They have since been subjected to repeated torture, beatings and intimidation by security forces and are remanded in custody with bail set at $20,000.

In support of these activists Sheffield Anarchist Federation is organising a day of music, food, booze and politics to raise much needed funds for their legal campaigns. Any anarcho or otherwise leaning bands, DJ’s, political groups, collectives or individuals who want to get involved can email: [email protected]

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