Boston Anarchists hold Oaxaca Solidarity Demonstration

August 7th, 2007 – a boston @ writes: This Tuesday, August 7, Boston anarchists called attention to the ongoing resistance and repression in Oaxaca, Mexico. Demonstrations happened at 9 am and 4 pm due to the odd hours of the consul in Boston. A number of banners were held that said things like “solidarity with the people of Oaxaca” and “long live the APPO”. The state was kind enough to assign four undercover cops to watch us, and at some points we were graced with the presence of a wagon and a cruiser. The cops didn’t talk to us but were kind enough to wave from their undercover car as they circled the block.

We spoke with a number of people passing by, some who were very supportive. People seemed surprised that the media has (for the most part) completely ignored the situation in Oaxaca, and according to one passerby, even Spanish-language media isn’t reporting on it. The protest was held at the same time and place last week in response to increasing police violence against peaceful demonstrators in Oaxaca.

The weekly demonstrations will continue next Tuesday and all are invited to join.

The Mexican Consulate is located at 20 Park Plaza, Suite 506, Boston, MA 02116
You can also call them at (617) 426-4181

All Mexican Consulates in the US and Canada are listed here.

For updated information on Oaxaca visit:

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