Solidarity with the Palestinian Resistance

Stop the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip!

Popular Revolutionary Anarchist Organization (Mexico)
January 8, 2009
Translated by Scott Campbell

On December 27, the Israeli army intensified its military campaign against the Palestinian people. From that date until the writing of this declaration, approximately 750 Palestinians have died, many of them non-combatant women and children, and the number of wounded has risen to more than 3,000.

The Zionist outpost of the state of Israel is motivated by its expansionist and colonialist desire to expel the Palestinians from their land, claiming a false historic right to occupy it. To achieve this, for years Israel has imposed a new “ghetto”, the obsolete and abominable Nazi-fascist practice, on the Palestinians, placing them in a small piece of land known as the Gaza Strip. As that doesn’t suffice, they are now launching a new offensive of extermination that has ravaged the civilian population, and whose main casualties have been women and children.

The Revolutionary Anarchists of OPAR (Popular Revolutionary Anarchist Organization) energetically reject these and any other attacks against the people of Palestine originating from Zionist religious fanaticism. It is for this reason we give our support to the heroic Palestinian national resistance without backing the Palestinian national authorities, neither those collaborators with Israel nor the Islamic fundamentalists.

True freedom for the Palestinian people can only be achieved through the destruction of the Zionist state of Israel, as well as their own state of Palestine, putting the means of production in the hands of the workers and constructing a free, secular and socialist Palestine. This is exactly why the Palestinian population, which has been armed by Hamas or any other Islamic fundamentalist faction or not, continues fighting against Zionism, and will never accept disarmament until it achieves the destruction of the theocratic state of Israel; and later on, avoids the construction of a theocratic Islamic state or a bourgeois republic over its ruins. It stands that only the destruction of the State and the revolutionary expropriation of capital can bring peace and well-being to the majority of today’s exploited and oppressed, both in Palestine and the rest of the world, who suffer from war, hunger, exploitation and misery.

In these moments it is important to close ranks around the right of the Palestinian people to defend their land, both in Palestine and the rest of the world. The popular and nationalist resistance should be supported by all forces that stand in the proletariat camp, as its emergence and cause are just and represent the struggle of an oppressed nation against theft, genocide and imperialism.

Those in the struggle should organize workers, students and peasants to support the struggle of the Palestinian people and to reject this and any other colonialist war. It is also important to mobilize against U.S. imperialism, as it is the one backing the Zionist incursions of the state of Israel.

The wars of capital and the imperialist incursions, which without a doubt will increase in the face of the global financial collapse, can only be eradicated and stopped by the proletariat organized as a class on a global scale. The strike, the blockade, the mobilization, the actions of strikers and sabotage are the only means for our class to stop the massacre caused by the limitless greed of the bourgeoisie.

Through the use of these tools we can construct from below the capacities and forces to create a new society without wars or social classes. This force is Popular Power and only by building it day by day will we be able to banish from humanity wars, racism, and exploitation. Today more than ever our class solidarity is with the brave Palestinian fighters, examples of dignity and resistance, who is these moments can not be left alone.

For a secular, socialist and libertarian Palestine!

End the Zionist-colonialist offensive in the Gaza Strip!

Popular Revolutionary Anarchist Organization (Mexico)

January 8, 2009