Jacobo Silva Denounces Lack of Communication and Obstruction of His Defense

52 days after his transfer to Nayarit, Jacobo Silva Nogales is being held practically incommunicado.

Situation of Jacobo in Nayarit

Since he was taken to the Cefereso (Federal Social Rehabilitation Center) # 4 NW in Tepic, Nayarit on May 24, 2009 (52 days ago) he’s only been allowed to make a “one time” 5 minute phone call and receive one 40 minute visit in a small booth.

Visitors aren’t allowed to directly hand the prisoners a letter or written material, and there is no mail service at the prison where a visitor can leave mail for the prisoner. The reverse is also true. There is no way for prisoners to send out letters or written material. Prison authorities told family members that “letters can only be sent through the mail,” but this is a lie because experience has shown that they don’t get to the prisoner. Jacobo’s family sent him an envelope by Mexpost that contained several letters, but 49 days have gone by and they haven’t been delivered to him. The post office says that the envelope has been in Nayarit since June 5 and that mail service to the prison barely exists either because the prison refuses to accept the letters or because the messengers often have to wait for up to two hours before anyone waits on them. For this reason, almost none of the messengers want to deliver letters.

When Jacobo arrived at the Nayarit prison, his few belongings were confiscated, including his legal file and writing materials. 52 days later, they haven’t been returned to him.

All this means that we of the defense committee haven’t been able to correspond with him, and furthermore, he hasn’t been able to keep doing the legal work on his own case as he had been doing.

Elizabeth Silva, Jacobo’s sister was able to visit him on July 9 with an special “one time” pass for a 40 minute visit in a small booth. She was told that it would take from 15 days to a month for authorities to let her know whether or not she was approved for regular visits.

What has been done

Jacobo Silva’s family filed a complaint with the State of Nayarit Human Rights Commission, which will channel the case to the National Human Rights Commission.

On July 15, filed suit with the federal Attorney General’s Office in Jacobo’s name against prison authorities for holding him incomunidado and for obstruction of his defense.

Jacobo has requested at transfer to the Santa María Chiconautla prison at, Ecatepec, State of Mexico, where his companion Gloria Arenas Agis is now being held.

What we can do

Demand freedom for Jacobo and Gloria. Every day that goes by means one more day of illegal imprisonment for them.

As part of this campaign for their freedom, Jacobo has expressed his desire to continue to handle his own defense as well as Gloria’s.

We of the Committee for Truth, Justice and Freedom for Jacobo and Gloria fear that Jacobo will suffer some kind of reprisal for the complaint filed with the Human Rights Commission and for the suit filed against the Nayarit prison authorities.

Accordingly, while Jacoby and Gloria are being held in prison, we ask that you do the following things:

Keep abreast of their case.

Disseminate information about their case, including this bulletin.

Make a public statement demanding that Jacobo’s legal file be returned to him; that he be allowed the paper and pen necessary for writing letters and legal documents for his defense; that he be allowed to send and receive letters in a timely, efficient fashion; and that he be allowed regular visits and phone calls.

We take this opportunity to express our thanks for the solidarity we have received from the popular movement, whichencourages us to keep on pushing ahead in spite of all the obstacles and difficulties, and we also want to thank the individuals, collectives and organizations of the Other Campaign who, in one way or another have made contributions to help Jacobo’s family travel to Nayarir and take the measures described above.



Friday, June 17, 2009


The CEFERESO NO. 4 NW (formerly El Rincón) is a medium and high security prison

It ‘s 20 minutes away from the city of Tepic by taxi.

It’s an 11 hour bus ride from Mexico City to Tepic, Nayarit.

The cost of the round trip bus ticket for one person is $1280 pesos.

Jacobo was “under observation” in isolation for 30 days and is now housed in a module where he has four cellmates.

He misses Nacho del Valle, with whom he shared a cell in Altiplano for several months, and sends him warm greetings.

Jacobo is in good spirits and sends warm greetings to all of you.