From Detroit to Oaxaca. Thoughts of Safety and Self-Determination

The spirit of Bety Cariño prevails

by Emily Posner

June 7-8, 2010

Yesterday four activists delivered a letter to Jorge Sanchez Cataño, the Deputy Consul at the Mexican Consulate in Detroit, Michigan. The activists met with Mr. Sanchez to express their support of the humanitarian caravan that left the morning of June 8th from Huajuapan de León, Mexico for the San Juan Copala municipality.

The group expressed their hopes that the Mexican Government would ensure the safety of the caravan in order to avoid repetition of the violent attack on April 27th where Bety Cariño and Jyri Jaakkola were assassinated. The four also asked that the Mexican Government immediately bring criminal charges against those responsible for the two’s murder, as well as those responsible for the murders of Timoteo Alejandro Ramírez and Cleriberta Castro.

Two of the activists are artists and organizers with the well-known Beehive Design Collective. Another has worked directly with CACTUS of Huajuapan de León and Bety Cariño.

Following the meeting, Mr. Sanchez gave permission to the group to do a small presentation about Plan Colombia in the lobby of the Mexican Consulate. The four unfurled the group’s infamous Plan Colombia poster and spoke with those waiting for appointments in the Consulate about the long history of colonization, resource extraction, militarization and environmental degradation in Colombia, and its parallels to the situation in Mexico and Oaxaca.

From Detroit to Oaxaca, the spirit of Bety Cariño prevails amongst diverse and plentiful struggles to build a world where many world’s fit. The four hope that their message was heard amongst those of el mal gobierno. From thousands of miles away, they send thoughts and dreams of safety, autonomy and self-determination to the caravan traveling this moment to San Juan Copala.

Que Viva la Bety!
Que Viva San Juan Copala!
Que Viva una Mixteca Autonoma!