The name doesn’t make the man (or woman); actions do

Saturday, June 4, 2011

kaloparlantes, daily action against the mass media

We of Multimedios Cronopios support what we’ve seen: the arduous, tireless work of Kaloparlantes, her solidarity with the struggles of the Mexican people and the peoples of the world, her arduous struggle against the prison system and for the freedom, not only of Mumia Abu-Jamal, but of all other human beings held prisoners by the State.

The compañera is solidarity, struggle and resistance at the side of the peoples. With no major resources except her senses, she perceives what’s going on and captures it in chronicles, reports, notes, articles, and photo galleries ––all backed up with facts and arguments.

Those of us who’ve had the pleasure of knowing her, can only repudiate and reject the unfounded accusations against her work. We think accusations like “practicing counterinsurgency” are reprehensible, arbitrary, and incongruous. These derogatory remarks only reflect intellectual poverty and a lack of valid arguments. Ever since the compañera began to denounce Renny Cushing (it wasn’t this month or the last, it was a long time ago) she has always had plausible arguments and a clear train of thought; furthermore, she has always named her sources so that anyone wishing to do so can make a deeper analysis.

There’s nothing left to do but reiterate our ongoing solidarity with her work and salute her constant struggle as a person who’s part of a broader collective engaged in a daily offensive against information manipulated by the mass media. There are no borders, nationalities or walls that can stand in the way of this work.