Kaos.México rejects charges against our compañera Carolina Saldaña

Kaos. México backs the journalism of our compañera Carolina Saldaña and rejects the unfounded counterinsurgency charges made by Al Giordano.

Carolina Saldaña stands out for her collaboration with a variety of alternative news media and for her valuable work with the Amigos de Mumia collective and in solidarity with other political prisoners, especially those held in the United States and Mexico. In working with the social movements here in Mexico, she has given voice to them with her committed, combative reporting, always based on respect for their internal logic and dynamics.

With regards to the charges made by Al Giordano, our compañera never had the intention of discrediting the movement headed by the poet and journalist Javier Sicilia. On the contrary, she expressed her concern that personalities like Renny Cushing could be using this movement to clean up their own tarnished reputations. (kaosenlared.net/noticia/renny-cushing-socio-policia-busca-silencio-mumia-abu-jamal-puede-limpi)

For these reasons, Kaos.Mexico –along with many other Mexican alternative news media– reiterates our support for Carolina Saldaña and categorically rejects all the totally arbitrary charges made against her, whose only purpose is to silence a dissident, uncomfortable voice.

Kaos. México