Total Solidarity with the Anti-Fascist Struggle

The collective behind the bilingual website El Enemigo Común expresses its total solidarity with all those who showed up in Sacramento on Sunday, June 26 to shut down the white supremacist rally planned by the neo-Nazi Traditionalist Workers Party. In particular, we send strong support to everyone who was injured by either police or neo-Nazis, especially the nine compañerxs whose wounds required hospitalization. We encourage everyone who is able to donate to the anti-fascist medical fund and/or take action in one of the ways described here.

While our focus is on spreading news and information about resistance and repression in Mexico, we understand that solidarity is not dictated by borders and geographies. True solidarity means action. As such, members of our collective were present at the successful shut down of fascists in Sacramento and we all remain committed to supporting those who were wounded, those who are currently being targeted by fascists, and those who may be targeted by the state.

It was truly an inspiration to see more than 500 people come together from across a spectrum of ideologies, identities, ages and abilities, embracing a diversity of tactics, and uniting to ensure that no platform was given for neo-Nazis to disseminate, organize around, or recruit for their genocidal beliefs.

In the United States, the deprivations of neoliberal capitalism spark acts of militant liberatory resistance such as what we saw in Sacramento, but also drive poor and working class whites into the ready-made arms of white supremacy and turn jingoistic and racist misogynists like Donald Trump into presidential candidates. That same system devours the lives and livelihoods of the peoples of Mexico, pushing many to turn north out of necessity, only to encounter xenophobic hatred like that which the neo-Nazis attempted – and failed – to propagate on Sunday in Sacramento.

We send our warmest greetings to all those fighting for liberation, and especially to our anti-fascists compañerxs who threw down in Sacramento. ¡No Pasarán!

El Enemigo Común