Prisoners Solidarity

Action in Solidarity with Mexican Political Prisoners

Activists involved in the Mexico-Australia Solidarity Network staged an action at the steps of the Opera House today demanding the freedom of Mexican political prisoners incarcerated in Atenco and Oaxaca. The prisoners have been incarcerated since police staged para-military operations on demonstrations in these cities earlier this year. The Sydney activists defied laws against political protest at the Opera House, holding banners that said ‘We are all Atenco. We are all Oaxaca. Free the Political Prisoners’ and ‘Democracy is more than a vote’.


Oaxacan Activist Released: The Campaign Continues

On February 3rd three leaders of the Oaxacan Antineoliberal Popular Magonista Coordination (COMPA) were arrested in Oaxaca City immediately after meeting with the states Secretary of Governance, Joaquin Rodriguez Palacios. Jaquelina Lopez Almazan & Samuel Hernandez Morales were arrested in their office shortly after Alejandro Cruz Lopez had been arrested in the Parking lot of the Los Olivos Hotel after his meeting with Palacios. The three were actively engaged in a campaign against the detention of three other COMPA members: Abraham Ramirez Vasquez, Juventino Garcia Cruz, and Noel Garcia Cruz, who were arrested shortly after an attempted state sponsored massacre in Santiago Xanica, Oaxaca, which had been thwarted by residents of that community.