War and Resistance Dispatch # 44

The face of the 43 missing and the tenacity of their families and compañeros are the other 43 dispatches on war and resistance. To them we add the pain, rage, and resistance of the originary peoples and the rebellions of millions all over Mexico and around the world.

Enlace Zapatista
September 22, 2016

To the peoples of the world:

To the alternative, free, autonomous, or whatever-you-call-it media:

To the National and International Sixth:

War and Resistance Dispatch #44

And what about the other 43? And the ones that follow?

This country has not been the same since the bad government committed one of its most heinous crimes in disappearing 43 young indigenous students of the teaching college Raúl Isidro Burgos in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, two years ago. This event forced us to acknowledge the profound darkness in which we find ourselves today, stirring our individual and collective hearts and spirit. The rage, pain, and hope embodied in the families and compañeros of the 43 illuminate that darkness and shine on the faces of millions of people of every geography below in Mexico and around the world, as well as among a conscientious international civil society in solidarity.

As originary barrios, tribes, nations, and peoples, we begin from the collective heart that we are and turn our gaze into words.

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43 Students That Do Not Want to Disappear

Disappearances are acts of terror intended for those left behind.

[ Ayotzinapa Presente. Photo by: Brenda Burgoa ]

by Simón Sedillo

The Mexican federal government has pronounced all missing 43 Ayotzinapa students dead. Parents and supporters continue to ignore any official declarations in the matter because the government only has DNA evidence proving the death of one student. Austrian experts have declared the supposed evidence used to declare the death of the remaining 42 inconclusive and impossible to work with.

The sad truth is that average everyday folks in the USA are just not paying attention.

The disappearance of 43 rural education students in Mexico has struck an international chord elsewhere however. “Disappearance” as a concept is a tough pill to swallow anywhere. When it comes to Latin America, disappearances are not just a painful past; they are an ever painful present, and an extremely terrorizing future.

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