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Samir Didn’t Die! He Multiplied!

With sorrow and rage, thousands of Mexican people are mourning the assassination of Samir Flores Soberanes and promising to carry on on his commitment to the defense of the land, water, education, grassroots communication and autonomy of the people.

On February 20th at 5 o’clock in the morning, Samir Flores was killed just outside his front door in Amilcingo, state of Morelos. “Around 5 o’clock in the morning, two carloads parked outside his house and began to call him until Samir went out; four shots were heard and two of them hit him in his head, killing our comrade,” says a statement released by the Peoples’ Front in Defense of the Land and Water in Morelos, Puebla and Tlaxcala.

People immediately began to arrive in his town for the wake that was held with much love and affection.

A message from the Assembly of the Peoples of Morelos (APPM), which Samir founded, says: “We have no more boys, girls, sons, daughters, wives,  husbands, sisters, brothers, fathers or mothers to sacrifice…We have no more tears to cry.”


Arbitrary Detention of Human Rights Defender Jaime Domínguez Pérez in Tetelcingo, Morelos

[ Jaime Domínguez Pérez ]

On September 2nd, 2013 in the town of Cuautla, engineers working on the water pipeline agreed to a work strike at the request of the population, until the people meet with the company and public officials to address the damage caused by the ‘Acueducto’ water pipeline to the town’s water pipes, drainage and light supply. On September 3rd, there was a meeting at 8pm with the Secretary of Government of Cuautla, Juan Gerardo Velázquez de la Torre and neighbors of the town who want to end the pipeline work because of its affects to the area.

On September 12th, an agreement was signed between the inhabitants of Cuautla and the Secretary of Government of Cuautla, Juan Gerardo Velázquez, where they agreed to not work in the area with machinery until it was certain that there would be no chance of risk to the community.

Education Repression

Repression in Morelos as Teachers Rise Up Against Neoliberal Reforms

October 16th, 2008 – AWK writes: For almost two months, the teachers union in the Mexican state of Morelos rose up against the “Alliance for Quality Education”, a neo-liberal plan akin to “No Child Left Behind” that would pave the way to the privatization of education, among other things.

They were supported by the people of Morelos in their marches, encampments in public plazas, and blockades of interstate highways. On Oct. 7, 8, and 9, the army and state and federal police were sent in to brutally smash the movement. This model is a mirror of the crackdown that occurred in Oaxaca in 2006 and has enraged teachers and the public across Mexico.

There is little to no information in English about the situation in Morelos, but there are photos that don’t require translation. These are some that have been widely sent around. Please continue sending them around and spreading the word of the Morelos rebellion – which may have been brutally repressed but has not been extinguished.