Indigenous Prisoners Repression

CODEDI Demands Justice for Assassination of Abraham Hernández Gonzales





Today Tuesday 17th of July at 11:30 AM, a group of armed men with ski masks dressed in military style uniforms broke into Abraham Hernández Gonzales’ home in Salchi, Pochutla, and they violently took the compañero from his home. They later transported him in a gray pick-up truck with license plate number RH-70-92 along with motorcycles which escorted the truck.

Immediately after Hernandez Gonzales was picked up several police agencies were notified and none of them made any effort to find the compañero, who after five hour was found dead near the same community.

Oaxaca Governor Alejandro Murat is directly responsible for this kidnapping and assassination of our compañero Abraham Hernández, who carried out the important job of local coordinator for the community of Los Ciruelos. The government’s lack of interest in solving cases like this one demonstrates its complicity with criminal organizations that operate in the region and the state. Allowing these organizations to operate freely at all hours of the day without being detained by anyone illustrates the farce that is the government operation “Safe Beach”; in reality these are the places with the greatest degree of insecurity, and even more so with the return of the PRI to Oaxaca’s state government, whom we know are connected to narcotics trafficking.

Autonomy Solidarity

Support Autonomous Brigades from Oaxaca Bringing aid to the Areas Affected by the Earthquakes

The Most Devastated Zones

Two strong earthquakes battered Mexico this September. The first, with a magnitude of 8.1 degrees, hit the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca on September 7th; the second arrived on September 19th with a magnitude of 7.1 degrees, affecting areas in Puebla, Morelos, Mexico City, and Mexico State. In Oaxaca in the South of Mexico, two of the most devastated zones were the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and the neighboring Sierra.



CODEDI: Xanica announces actions for justice, freedom and autonomy

To the people in general
To all social, national and international organizations
To the news media

Once again, we the men, women, children and elders of the Committee for the Defense of Indigenous Rights (CODEDI), will set out from our communities of Santiago Xanica, San Felipe Lachillo, Santa María Coixtepec, San Antonio Ozolotepec, Buena Vista Loxicha, Tierra Blanca Loxicha, and Las Cuevas Santo Domingo, this February 20, 2012.

We will engage in the following activities: a political rally outside the criminal court at Santa María Huatulco at 9:00 am on February 20; a rally outside the criminal court and regional prison at San Pedro Pochutla at 12:00 noon the same day; and a rally in the center of the Miahuatlan District at 8:00 pm. On the morning of February 21, we will join several of our sister organizations in a march from the Monument to the Mother to the Zócalo of the city of Oaxaca, where we will set up a camp for an indefinite period of time.

Land Defense Prisoners

Report on the situation in Santiago Xanica, Oaxaca

Santiago Xanica, March 23, 2011

To the Other Campaign
To the Zezta Internacional
To internationalist collectives and organizations
To human rights organizations
To the organized people

The European Collectives Nodo Solidale (Italia), Zapatista “Marisol” Collective of Lugano (Suiza), and Nomads of XM24 (Italia), which make up the Internationalist Platform for Resistance and Self-Initiative Weaving Autonomies (PIRATA) organized a brigade for the observation of the violation of the rights of native peoples in the municipality of Santiago Xanica, Oaxaca, México, in which activists from France and the Spanish State also participated. The brigade went around the municipality and outlying areas, taking audio and video testimonies of parties affected by violations from Monday March 14 to Monday March 21, 2011.

The task that the International Brigade set for itself has been to listen, understand, relate, and make public what is happening in the community of Santiago Xanica. In recent months the townspeople of Xanica have been denouncing outrageous violations and abuses by PRI party members and power groups against the local Committee in Defense of Indigenous Rights (CODEDI Xanica), Adherent to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle, and against the general population.


Urgent: Letter for the Freedom of Abraham Ramírez Vásquez, Prisoner from Xanica, Oaxaca

Please send to all contacts.


We are sending you a letter that demands the freedom of Abraham Ramirez Vazquez, a prisoner from Santiago Xanica and signatory of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle, who is now in prison in Pochutla, Oaxaca.

We went to visit Abraham last week. In view of the fact that a representative of the Gabino Cue government met with OIDHO last Tuesday and agreed to form a commission to consider Abraham’s freedom, promising to do everything possible to this end, Abraham asked us to put as much pressure as possible on the Gabino Cue government, the State Attorney General’s Office and the Elections Tribunal.