The lights of Xanica

People in the Zapotec community of Santiago Xanica in the Sierra Sur of Oaxaca continue to struggle for their right to choose their municipal president in an assembly by means of traditional practices and customs and to gain the freedom of the first political prisoners of the Ulises Ruiz regime in the face of threats, harassment, and arrest warrants on the eve of the municipal elections of August 26.

August 22nd, 2007 – Carolina writes: The road to Xanica climbs up from Huatulco through a beautiful forest. It’s rough and unpaved, but the driver of our wooden-railed pick-up knows all the ruts and curves, even in the rain. He’s lived there all his life. His name is Isaías.

He talks to the two of us, who were lucky enough to be riding up front, about the woods and the deer and possums and armadillos that live there. Then he says, “See those lights? They’re the lights of Xanica.” On our two-hour ride they look really distant, then closer, then even further away, but there they are, shining clearly through the mist, always visible in this part of the Sierra Sur of Oaxaca. Isaías answers our questions and tells about the state of siege in his town.

Only later did I learn that he’s one of eight people from Xanica with warrants out for his arrest.

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Cesar Luis Días arrested without warrant in Xanica

June 18, 2007 – Alianza MagonistaZapatista:

The members of the Magonista-Zapatista Alliance (AMZ) strongly denounce the little dictator of Oaxaca Ulises Ruin Ortiz (URO).

Today at 4:00 in the afternoon, a heavily armed Oaxaca state police commando unit, along with the police who have the town of Xanica under siege, burst into the house of our indigenous comrade Cesar Luis Días like a bolt from the blue and arrested him without a warrant, disregarding the presence of his three small children.

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