Activists arrested in Oaxaca during Palestine solidairty protest

Update: They were released the same night due to popular pressure.

At noon today, Saturday January 3, 2009, more than 20 comrades were arrested in a peaceful march to the United States Consulate in Oaxaca, in repudiation of the genocide perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinian people.

According to information received, the arrests occurred as demonstrators were en route to the Consulate, located in the Santo Domingo de Guzmán area of the city of Oaxaca. Without mincing words, the police forces attacked them with extreme violence that was totally unjustified when the march had barely begun.

At first, those arrested were taken to the Metropolitana, and it would seem that they were later transferred to San Bartolo Teontepec. Among those arrested are: Alebrije, Chucho, Cosme, Monty, Emo, Lallanta, Gabi, and two comrades from Chiapas whose names we don’t yet know. We’re still waiting to receive the complete list of the people arrested.

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Convocation to the State Forum for the Defense of the Peoples of Oaxaca


The brutal, systematic repression of the Mexican State against the movements for social transformation keeps on happening throughout the country, and in our state the situation is extremely serious.

The dominant classes and the big transnational interests maintain a mediocre political class and institutions that aim to do away with citizens’ rights, criminalizing all social protest. The exercise of constitutional rights in Mexico and in Oaxaca is now a crime. In order to grant even more privileges to a handful of economic interests, there are no holds barred on state terrorism.

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Students Re-occupy Radio Universidad In Oaxaca City

April 30, 2007 – Barucha Calamity Peller writes: At approximately 5pm, Radio Universidad in Oaxaca City, Mexico, was re-occupied by sympathizers of the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO) and students from different departments of the Benito Juarez Autonomous University. With protest songs and political information, the transmissions were initiated to spread information about the different mobilizations planned for the first days of May. May 1st, an international labor holiday, teachers from union section 22, together with other social organizations, will march to the Zocalo in Oaxaca City to protest the continuing governance of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, ousted by popular demand since June of last year.

The radio hosts are asking for support from students and the general public to reinforce the radio installations and take security measures in case of state repression. The radio hosts are saying that the radio and the university will be occupied for the next two days.

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Oaxaca Explodes

Only a little more than a month after the brutality of Atenco, the Mexican government has once again revealed its tendency to violently repress political activity. This is what Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortíz means by “doing away with the social problems” of Oaxaca.

For the past three weeks, teachers, families of students, and the young students themselves have been in plantón, peacefully occupying nearly 50 blocks of central Oaxaca City. Essentially, the teachers are demanding a living wage from the state government and Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz. However, tensions have risen and the demands have transformed into a broader demands against neoliberalism and the ousting of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz.

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