Film Premier at SOA protest on November 19th

El Enemigo Común – World Premier Showing!!!

Saturday, November 19th, at 9:00pm at the SOA Vigil’s convention center room 207. This is the perfect place for the film to begin it’s tour. Every year, at Fort Benning, Georgia, people come together to protest the School of the Americas. For more information about the protests and convention, check out SOA Watch.

Austin IMC presents el enemigo común

Friday the 23rd of September at 7pm
Monkey Wrench Books
110 E. North Loop Austin, Texas 78751
(512) 407-6925

el enemigo común begins to describe the face of a common thread between different communities in resistance. In particular, the film draws specific correlations and differences between the effects of Free Trade on the daily lives of peasant farm-workers, and the nature of resistances from the front lines of a international humanitarian movement for social, political, and economic justice.

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Benefit for Indigenous Farmworker’s Resistance in Oaxaca

COMPA, the Oaxacan Anti-neoliberal Popular Magonista Coordination, is an indigenous farm-worker’s rights group in Oaxaca, Mexico composed of over 300 communities around the state.

COMPA has been under constant attack by successive Institutional Revolutionary Party or P.R.I. governors determined to uproot an entire population. Most recently, Oaxacan Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz took office and outlawed most forms of political protest and freedom of press, detaining hundreds and murdering others.

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Farmworkers Take Down Taco Bell

Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

“The consumer boycott is the only open door in the dark corridor of nothingness down which farmworkers have had to walk for many years. It is a gate of hope through which they expect to find the sunlight of a better life for themselves and their families” (Cesar Chavez)

On March 8, after nearly four years of struggle and amidst the momentum of the 2005 Taco Bell Truth Tour, farmworkers from the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) scored a decisive victory in their national boycott of Taco Bell. Caving under the weight of an intense grassroots campaign, the fast-food giant has agreed to work with the Florida-based farmworker organization to improve the wages and working conditions of farmworkers in the Florida tomato industry by paying a penny-per-pound surcharge demanded by the workers. The farmworkers’ sub-poverty wages have been stagnant and declining in real terms since 1978.

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