Prisoners Solidarity

Statement from the October 2 prisoners in Oaxaca

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

To the brave and conscious people:
To the democratic and combative teachers:
To the independent media:
To the Other Campaign:

Dear comrades, today we ask for your solidarity because we are a part of the social movement in Oaxaca, we are participants in the barricades, in the mega-marches, and in other forms of protest against the government. We are youth with the goal of completely changing this system and because of that we feel driven to continue fighting for the freedom that the brave people have instilled in us, that the people have seen arise in the majority of us, the prisoners from October 2, 2009.

We are active members of the movement where we join in and scream the slogans of freedom for political prisoners, for respect for the indigenous peoples and in defense of the earth which is as sacred and dignified as our lives which we have been building little by little, constantly struggling through the day, giving us strength to pick up a piece of paper and a pen which, like our lives, is so important because our paper is our life and the pen is what we do every day to work as always for a bit of bread and water, if we are able to get that much which is so necessary. Yet for the members of congress it is not so important, or for all of those who spend more than 2,000 pesos for food or those who want to increase their pay by more than 150%, which continues to increase the poverty in our Mexico with a hidden tax, saying that it is up to the poor to defend ourselves from the corrupt ravages of the major political, financial and economic (IMF, WB, IB) interests.


GRC Communiqué demanding the freedom of Victor Herrera Govea



Last October 2, 2009, in commemoration of the 41st anniversary of the massacre and disappearance of hundreds of students in the Plaza of Three Cultures at Tlatelolco, we came out once again to demand justice and the live presentation of all those comrades who fought in those days. As part of the ongoing libertarian, anti-fascist mobilizations held in recent months in this city, we decided to march as an anarchist, libertarian block. It’s well known that now, more than ever, the libertarian movement is being criminalized and targeted by the governments imposed in our territory; even so, we joined together to participate in the protest.

We must recognize that the required measures weren’t taken to avoid the infiltration in our contingent of people who have nothing to do with our movement, including plainclothes police and shock groups made up of hired goons.