Radio Ñomndaa 7th Anniversary Statement, December 2011

Brothers, sisters, compañeras and compañeros:

It is a great pleasure for us to come together with you to share the activities that we’ve organized to commemorate seven years of work and resistance by Radio Ñomndaa, La Palabra del Agua (Word of the Water).

In spite of all the limitations, difficulties, attacks and harassment that we face, here we are, and we’re moving ahead with our efforts to create and sustain a communications project of the people and for the people. The little that we’ve achieved during the last seven years is thanks to the fact that we are not alone; you are our source of support.

As we reflect on the problems we’re experiencing here in our town, the problems people are experiencing throughout Mexico and, we dare say, the world, we understand that the roots of this situation lie in the fact that the value of money is placed above all else. The problem is that a few people who have accumulated a lot of money and, consequently, a lot of power, are deciding how we should live on this planet. They can do this because the laws they’ve made and the State institutions they’ve created really respond to the needs of capital over and above the needs of the people, over and above human dignity, over and above the balance of life on Mother Earth.


Request for signatures on letter repudiating 3 year sentences for members of Radio Ñomndaa

Radio Ñomndaa is the first indigenous community radio station broadcasting mainly in the Amuzga language from Suljaa’ (Xochistlahuaca) on the Costa Chica of Guerrero. Ever since December 20, 2004, when the radio began its communications work, harassment by local, state and federal governments has been constant. Authorities have tried many times to silence the radio and jail those who work on the project and defend the Suljaa’, which declared its autonomy on November 20, 2002. In the following video you can see how the people ran the AFI police out of their community when they arrived to dismantle the radio on June 10, 2008.

The current sentences against Genaro Cruz Apóstol, Silverio Matías Domínguez y David Valtierra Arango for the deprivation of liberty of Narciso García Valtierra stem from an incident that occurred in 2005, when community leaders tried to convince him to stop selling and misusing communal land.

To add your individual signature or the signature of your group to the following letter, write to, preferably before October 7, with a brief message saying, “Por favor agreguen la siguiente firma a la carta: _____________” (Please add the following signature to the letter:__________)

Land Defense Media

At 200 Years We Continue

Sisters and brothers
To the original people of this country and the world
To the Other Campaign
To the people of Mexico and the world
To the alternative media
To the honest mass media,

We are Nn’ancue Ñomndaa, amuzgos from the Little Coast of Guerrero, an original people that is part of what is now known as Mexico. We want to say our word that 200 years ago our ancestors gave their lives in struggle to liberate themselves from slavery and obtain independence from the Spanish yoke. At 200 years of the beginning of that struggle, in our hearts we have found sentiments; on one side we remember with pain and we honor in resistance and rebellion the memory of our grandfathers and grandmothers that participated massively in the first line of combat during those eleven years of war against the Gachupines, its army and allies. We know that our ancestors fought for freedom, land, equality, justice and now we continue struggling for the same because our collective rights have not been included in the Magna Carta of this country. That is why we are saying that we still do not enjoy the fruit that our ancestors fought for, that’s why we are saying that in this country there isn’t independence that the bad government says we have, that’s why we are saying that the great party the bad government is organizing in name of those who died for freedom is an insult to our grandparents and ourselves.


Radio Ñomdaa: Indigenous radio celebrates its 5th anniversary

by Jen Lawhorne

A community radio in southern Mexico celebrated five years of being on the air despite all of the harassment it has suffered from local, state and federal authorities. Transmitting in the language of its people, amuzgo, Radio Ñomndaa has become a bastion of organization in the region.


Radio Ñomndaa celebrates its Fifth Anniversary

The Word of the Water flows in music, solidarity ties and new proposals.

x carolina

Last December 20, Radio Ñomndaa, the Word of the Water, celebrated its fifth birthday. It’s the first community radio in the state of Guerrero and the only one in the Ñomndaa language. It has thousands of listeners in the Amuzga communities, and for many of them it’s the first time in their life they’ve been able to listen to music and news in their own language. Ever since it got started, Radio Ñomndaa has been under attack from the federal, state, and especially the local government of a powerful cacique. These attacks include beatings, arrests, and the entry of the AFI militarized police into the radio station. The varied programming is oriented towards strengthening the community to allow it to take part in the construction of a new society.