Statement 0.2 Ungovernable Oaxaca. Black June, Oaxaca de Magón

[ The Constitution has Died. Photo by Xiaj Nikte ]

Published by Proyecto Ambulante
June 21, 2016
Translated by Scott Campbell

Our rage cannot be contained by police bullets, by the State’s jails, by the media’s lies. Our dead will not be forgotten, their combative spirit has spread so that we may take justice into our hands.

Nochixtlán and Oaxaca resisted as the Isthmus region has resisted, demonstrating to the powerful that we don’t fear them, that we will confront them, we will defeat them; in the cold Mixteca the frontline has not been neglected. In spite of the pain that invades the people, they know the worst way to remember those who died in battle is to abandon the war.

To remove a blockade and its barricades incites them to place more closures, more people in the avenues, highways, towns and in the struggle. The regions remain alert, the solidarity shows us that the struggle lives. The attempted State occupation by federal forces only heightens the tension and revives the rebellion.

The State sends winks and nods to the teachers union after the massacre; the media applauds, we condemn it. We don’t trust in any dialogue with the authorities, especially now that the CNTE has managed to agree to one, after a brutal massacre of people who acted in solidarity with them and supported them. The blood of our dead cannot be negotiated with for reform, not even for the removal of politicians from ministries and governments.

Nor will we allow for audacious politicians to hop on the tragedy. The resignations, the appearances, the support from these individuals – now – does not remove the betrayals already committed and those that they surely have planned. Organization by community, neighborhood, groups and relationships is necessary in order to block the opportunism and leadership that those sick from power so crave.

The battle against the State should happen on all fronts. The street is ours but we have to win on the media and ideological fronts, to strengthen the resistance, to organize the rage, to spread and expand the revolt is the way; and not just in Oaxaca – which is filled with marches, barricades and protests – but elsewhere. Conflict is necessary, the placid peace of the State must be interrupted.

The siege by federal forces gathered in several positions should be acknowledged, the arrival of more reinforcements is a reality and the objective is clear: the pacification by force of the Oaxacan people. But we will not give up, we have learned that repression should not provoke fear, to the contrary it should nourish our highest ideal: freedom.