Oaxaca Solidarity Demonstrations in the US on October 31st

“Just the beginning . . .”

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Mexican Consulates in the U.S. & Canada

Call to Action Across the US Against Mexican Consulates

October 30th, 2006, Mexican Consulate in NYC. by onto, nyc-imc

Oaxaca Solidarity Demonstrations in the US on Tuesday, October 31st

New York City: March in the Village Halloween Parade

Portland: 4pm Oaxaca Solidarity Altar at Mexican Consulate (1234 SW Morrison St)

Providence, RI: 4pm Protest at US Federal Building (Kennedy Plaza)

San Diego: Ongoing Protest at Mexican Consulate (1549 India St Little Italy)

San Francisco: 5pm Protest at Mexican Consulate (532 Folsom St.)

Seattle: 12pm (unconfirmed!) Protest at Mexican Consulate (2132 Third Ave)


Oaxaca solidarity:



  2. Misericordia a los poderosos, dejen de matar a mis hermanos, amor para los que ya murieron, que dieron su vida por un ideal cosa que jamas los que estan sentados en el poder podran hacer, pero llegara el dia que se atormenten pensando en cada uno de los que mataron.
    Estube en el poder decidi ya no estar ahi, apoyo a los maestros y les mando mi mas sentido pesame a los familiares y a las madres de los que han muerto.

  3. here is the solidarity action in austin:

    also, i’m here in immokalee, florida and the mexican consulate people just randomnly walked into the Coalition of Immokalee Workers office. the members of the Coalition had a chat with the officials as well.

  4. Greece, Athens: Solidarity demo to the people of Oaxaca

    On the 31st of October and despite the initial rain some 200 people mainly anarchists gathered outside the Mexican Embassy in Athens. Many banners were hanged, flyers were spread about while brochures were handed out to passers by and informing them about the situation Oaxaca and the recent deaths by the paramilitary.

    The riot police was blocking the entrance to the embassy at all times while many more were located at nearby streets. Anarchist, anti-state and anti-authoritarian slogans were shouted for about 2 hours.

    Just before leaving the embassy red paint and stones were hurled towards the building and the riot police.

    Photos from the demo can be found here: https://athens.indymedia.org/post/595259/

    source: http://nyc.indymedia.org/en/2006/11/78356.html

  5. Solidarity encampment to be built in front of Mexican Consulate in Austin, Texas

  6. Small banner-drop action in Madison, WI. I know it’s not much, but any little bit helps. Activists were harassed by police but eventually prevailed.

    photos at mke.indymedia.org/en/2006/11/206376.shtml

  7. Oaxaca Solidarity Nov. 1

    Keep the pressure on the representatives of the Mexican government – and educate other Oregon residents. We meet again, Wednesday from 4-6pm at the Mexican consulate 1234 SW Morrison

    Miercoles – 1 de noviembre
    Dia de los Muertos
    Otra vez maestros,periodistas,madres y padres,estudiantes,ciudadanos del mundo
    Juntamos a la consulado Mexicano en Portland
    1234 SW Morrison St.

    En honor de los muertos por la parte la fuerzas represivos del gobierno de Oaxaca y presidente
    Vicente Fox, quien han tratado de matar un movimiento popular del pueblo – vamos a poner
    un altar.

    mas detalles sobre acciones y maneras de organizar con otra personas en solidaridad
    Escucha el 90.7 fm (en espanol los dias martes, viernes por la tarde, y el Domingo)
    y aqui en portland indymedia.

    source and more information:

  8. A number of concerned citizens, UW student groups, and community groups are banding together to act in solidarity in Madison.

    Tomorrow, Tuesday November 1st, we will be doing a banner drop at library mall at 4 pm and handing out flyers about what is going on and what people can do. We will likely continue this both thursday 11/2 and friday 11/3.

    Friday, November 3rd. We are putting on an event to educate people about what’s going on and discuss further solidarity efforts that we could plan here in Madison. Here are the details:

    Please join us THIS Friday for:

    A screening of the film Granito de Arena (history of the Oaxaca teachers’ struggle), other footage from the current struggle, and communications from Oaxaca

    A discussion of the uprising and subsequent repression

    Strategizing for local solidarity with Oaxaca


    source: barefoot (at) riseup.net

  9. Resumen de los acontecimientos relacionados a la crisis de Oaxaca.

    Estos son dos audios producidos con el zapote con informaciòn breve sobre movilizaciones, hechos y monitoreo de Radio Universidad. Estan como archivos adjuntos de esta nota, tambien se pueden descargar de aquì:

    Resumen del 31

    ¿Que pasa con Ulises Ruìz?

    Radio Zapote mantiene un monitoreo espejeando la señal de Radio Universidad y dando nueva información relacionada al caso.

    source: https://radio.indymedia.org/en/node/15552

  10. A small crowd of Grand Junction citizens showed their solidarity with the struggle in Oaxaca and honored the memory of murdered Indymedia journalist Brad Will on Tuesday night.

    A candlelight vigil was held on the steps of the federal courthouse, calling attention to the unchecked violence in Oaxaca. The message was clear: We mourn the death of journalist Brad Will, and demand justice for the citizens of Oaxaca.

    The event was covered by local media, and the airing of this story will be the first mention of Brad Will or Oaxaca’s situation in the local Grand Junction news.

    Here are a few pictures:

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