Ongoing solidarity planton / encampment at Mexican Consulate in San Diego!

October 31st, 2006 – The solidarity encampment in support of the people of Oaxaca continues at the Mexican consulate in San Diego (1549 India Street in Little Italy).

Luis Cabrera, Mexican Consul in San Diego came to the vigil. His displeasure with the protestors in defense of the people of Oaxaca was apparent. He kept pacing around, talking on his cell phone and conferring with police. At one point he turned to a protestor who was doing nothing except standing there and said in Spanish: “Can you get the fuck out?” To which the anglo protestor answered in Spanish: “Can you get out of Oaxaca?”

The vigil in front of the Mexican Consulate in San Diego on India Street calls for an IMMEDIATE STOP to Mexico’s State repression, violence and assasinations in Oaxaca.

Luis Cabrera, consul de México en San Diego vino a la vigilia. Su desagrado con los manifestantes en defensa del pueblo Oaxaqueño era evidente. Se la pasó caminando de un lado para otro, hablando por su teléfono celular y con la policía. A un manifestante que no estaba haciendo nada excepto estar presente el consul volteó y le dijo: “Puedes dejar de joder?” A lo cual el mismo manifestante anglo le contestó con acento pero con buen español: “Puedes dejar de Oaxaca?”


Several protests in memory of Brad Will and in support of the people of Oaxaca will take place in different cities all over the world in the next 72 hours. On Monday, October 30th, protests were held in at least 14 cities in the United States of America . There were 11 people arrested in New York. In europe, protests were held in London and Barcelona where protesters took control over the Mexican Consulate. There will be several events in Brazil in cities like: Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, São Paulo e Fortaleza. Read more

Photos and more information about the encampment in San Diego

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