March to Mexican Consulate in Seattle

Seattle Oaxaca Committee writes: The Government of outgoing President Fox – who is great buddies with Bush and was supported in his bid for the President of Mexico by Bush – has called out the Federal troops against striking teachers and others who are protesting the illegal seating of a governor there. They have killed and wounded a number of protesters as well as a North American journalist from Indymedia.

March for Oaxaca in Seattle
Monday, Nov. 20th
Westlake Center (march to the Mexican Consulate)
Bring flowers, candles and wear black.

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  1. Oaxaca: When one falls, let 50 step forward…

    The second segment was filmed in Seattle, and is a demonstration in support of the People of Oaxaca, and a commemoration of the 17 martyrs, known to have been murdered during the recent upheavals in that city. Brad Will is the most recent name to be added, but his is not the only name on the list of the dead.

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