Oaxaca solidarity demonstrations in Denver, Colorado

[ ¡Viva Oaxaca! ]

About 25 people protested at the Mexican Consulate on November 3, 2006, in Denver, Colorado. Two security guards watched from the building. A photographer took pictures of demonstrators from inside the glass doors. There were about four Denver police cars keeping watch.

Two hours later, a separate protest at the Denver Post building drew about 30. Three building security guards insisted the group leave, threatening to call the police. The group remained on the sidewalk, and the police never arrived.

A small shrine was set up, with candles. The Colorado state capitol building is in the background.

Photos taken by a member of the Industrial Workers of the World.

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  1. are you guys going to have another demostration in the Denver area? if you are, please let me know. my e-mail: xiaoo (at) hotmail.com


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