Oaxaca Solidarity Demonstrations in the US on November 3rd

“Afuera Ulises Ruiz. El pueblo de Oaxaca pide justicia no la policia. ¡No estan solos! Nosotros apoyamos en su lucha como E.Z.L.N.”

(November 1st, 2006: Zapatistas in Solidarity with the People of Oaxaca)

Oaxaca Solidarity Demonstrations in the US on Friday, November 3rd

Austin: Solidarity encampment at Mexican Consulate (corner of Brazos & 9th)

Los Angeles: 6pm Protest at Mexican Consulate (Park View & 6th St)

Madison: 7pm Film and Solidarity Discussion (426 W. Gilman)

New York: 5pm Planning meeting for Brad’s memorial at St. Mark’s (131 E. 10th St.)

San Diego: Solidarity Encampment at Mexican Consulate (1549 India St Little Italy)


Oaxaca solidarity:


  1. Calderon is coming to Washington DC on the 9th. It is a great opportunity to let him know what we think about Oaxaca. Please let us know if you are planing an event in DC for this purpose, gracias

  2. for Oaxaca and for Brad

    Down the streets of Rome, for justice, in a brother’s name.

    lot of us in front of the mexican embassy in Rome. we blocked the street and played live radio from oaxaca.

    posters were printed and hung in memory of Brad.

    this will not be the last action in Rome:
    we are everywhere!

    Oaxaca resiste!
    BRAD vive!

    By italy imc

    source and photos:

  3. Oaxaca Solidarity In Denver

    The headquarters of the Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post was targeted for failing to authentically cover the unfolding people’s uprising against a corrupt, racist government in Oaxaca.

    On a fine, moonlit night in downtown Denver, Colorado, a hearty band of this city’s brightest showed up, candles in hand, to stand in solidarity with Oaxaca in the gloomy, Orwellian shadow of the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News. This seedy location – the lair of both white supremacist, corporate behemoths – was chosen to highlight these newspapers’ steadfast refusal to authentically cover the awe-inspiring people’s resistance to racist tyranny that is Oaxaca.

    Photos from the event:


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