Street Battle Oaxaca: The Revolution of the 21st Century

November 20th, 2006 – danielsan writes: November 20th marks the anniversary of the 1910 Revolution in México, observed today in the streets of Oaxaca City and beyond.

The graffiti reads: ‘We don’t recognize the government’

The day began with a march from the Cuarteles outside of town (the army base and recruiting station) in commemoration of the Revolutionary anniversary, in response to a sexual assault on a local woman by the PFP (listen to audio below), and with the stated goal (according to the APPO website) of encircling the PFP in the Zócalo and taking back the Palacio del Gobierno (the capitol building, of sorts).

Almost as soon as the march arrived in the city center, marchers confronting the PFP lines were met with tear gas, and a street battle ensued lasting the entire afternoon. Countless canisters of gas were fired; the fancy pants hotel where URO and the PFP bosses like to stay came under attack when marchers below were hit by rocks thrown from the roof.

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madre en apoyo

en cola


We passed a large McDonald’s on the way–it didn’t fail to attract the attention of some painters.

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