VIDEO: Simon on the Situation in Oaxaca & Brad Will

“el pinche” Simon examines the links between Oaxaca and New York

November 15th, 2006 – Paul DeRienzo & Joan Moossy write: Simon, who has visited Oaxaca numerous times, describes the current situation in Mexico and the background to the struggle of APPO and the teachers of Oaxaca against the PRI run government.

Download the video (28:25 minutes / 36.6 MB)

Let Them Talk has been following the rebellion and repression in Oaxaca since the murder of our friend Brad Will on Oct. 27. We’ve featured videos of the protest at the Mexican Consulate and interviewed activist Tim Keating who chained himself to the consulate fence.


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  1. solo me queda felicitar a todos por su gran trabajo,y ademas quiero invitar a todos a unirse a la lucha inmigrante , ya que es el efecto del neoliberalismo,y la fuerza que contiene este seria un factor decicivo en la lucha contra el imperalismo dentro de su misma porqueria. (estuve en el beneficio para oaxaca quisiera que alguien me dijiera como conseguir los demas videos que pasaron ese dia)

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