EZLN call for Global Mobilizations for Oaxaca

Update: Oaxaca Solidarity Demonstrations in the US on Friday, December 22nd

Communiqué of the Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee – General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation.

December 2 of 2006

To the people of Mexico:
To the people of the world:

Brothers and Sisters:

The attack that our brothers, the people of Oaxaca suffered and suffer cannot be ignored by those who fight for freedom, justice and democracy in all corners of the planet.

This is why, the EZLN calls on all honest people, in Mexico and the world, to initiate, starting now, continual actions of solidarity and support to the Oaxacan people, with the following demands:

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For the living reappearance of the disappeared, for the freedom of the detained, for the exit of Ulises Ruiz and the federal forces from Oaxaca, for the punishment of those guilty of torture, rape and murder.

We call to those in this international campaign to tell, in all forms and in all places possible, what has occurred and what is occurring in Oaxaca, everyone in their way, time and place.

We call for these actions to come together in a worldwide mobilization for Oaxaca on December 22, 2006.

The people of Oaxaca are not alone. We have to say so and demonstrate it, to them and to everyone.

By the Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee – General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation.

Insurgent Subcommander Marcos.
Mexico, December of 2006

source: https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2006/12/03/18334847.php

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    If there shall be democracy then there shall be democracy for real.
    And to have democracy for real, the process of decision-making has to be democratic. That is to say it has to be a process, free, transparent, without advantage or privilege that is not the public facilitation of the democratic exercise of the action of voting and plebiscitary participation. A process without violence, without intimidation, without economic coercion and without cheating.

    We are marginal. We are the margin of the social reality of Mexico, and the Americas. In this manner we are the center of the reality of the New World. We are not the extremes. We are the people itself. That in its nature is impartial and at the same time just because it is wise.

    We are impartial in the fight between the Right and the Left. We as the first blood of the land of America, interpret the words and actions of the people, not the political parties or their ideologies. We do not participate in political arenas that do not have to do with reclaiming our sovereignty and of our ancestral lands, our stolen continent that had been raped by the European invasion.
    We are not of politics. We respect only the sovereignty of the people over their governments. And over
    their governors. The power of the People over the State.

    The United States of America is the citadel of democracy– nevertheless, it falls short of what we wish it to be. Its political process is always prone to manipulation by certain interests that corrupt the people’s will to their own ends. These entities use money, power, intimidation, promises and outright cheating to achieve their goals. Corruption always tries the dice and many times triumphs. Faulty and vulnerable as the democratic process is, it is the only vehicle that offers certain guarantees of public consultation, freedom of choice and popular participation.
    The economic power with its money throws out the democratic process, and uses its resources to institutionalize and promote itself into the power of the state. It hoists a dead democracy murdered by the power of capital over the armed-machine.
    For there to be democracy, there shall be economic, not only political democracy. Free access to capital and market is necessary.
    We are marginal, but we recognize the right of the people over the natural resources. We recognize the people’s right to reclaim participation in the distribution of the fruits of the land. But now a few have taken control of all, what is below and above ground, land, seas, and sky and with that power they manipulate the democratic process. That time is about to end.

    For there to be democracy there must be liberty: political liberty, economic liberty, cultural liberty, practical liberty and the right to self defense. If any of these conditions are missing democracy becomes hostage to tyranny.

    The Mexican people have the right to democracy. And the right to demand new presidential elections.
    The people are sovereign and must demand with their voices and their feet that there be new elections.

    The people with its will of congregation can proclaim that no one is president– that there is not a constitutional government. Because the electoral process was not impartial it was not possible to establish who won the elections. The political process, dominated by the incumbent party, has not been able to affirm with the count of the vote an irrefutable winner.
    The democratic process is crooked, broken. Only the people have the power to redress it. We declare the office of the Mexican Presidency vacant since December first and call for new elections.
    There has not been a clear winner from the elections, therefore there is no president. There should be a new free election so the Mexican people can immediately choose their new president.
    The Mexican people have the right to invoke an electoral constituent to make new rules for new elections.

    We adhere to no political extreme. ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ are foreign definitions that reflect only the European occupation and conquest of this continent, easy summations that do not portray the social reality of our America. Here we are still are dominated by foreign elite interests.
    In the end, ’Left’ and ’Right’ are political spectrums that do not reflect the social reality of our America. The concept of ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ in our spectrum divides our social will, and debilitates the fight of our people for their liberation and sovereignty over the land of this continent.
    In general, the whole idea of ’Lefts’ and ’Rights’ are artificial creations of government, alien and injurious to our people.
    The Left want to leads us to under-development and stagnation. To live under a dictatorship of the mediocre.
    The Right wants to lead us to environmental degradation to live under a dictatorship of banality and irrational consumption. One wants to lead us to material misery, the other to social misery.
    The center of the question is liberty and justice. If there is no justice, there is no liberty.
    Both the left wing and the right have been unable to guarantee either liberty or economic progress.

    We ask: is there liberty and justice for all in the United States of America?
    There is in concept, but in practice there is not. The situation is even worse in Mexico. There, even the minimum of democracy that law and order requires is breaking down. The very network that allows economic progress is being dismantled; Mexico today is dominated by a rancid oligarchy that stays in power through crookedness and murder.

    We are about to enter a new time.
    It is necessary to establish new traditions, new economic practices, new ways of dress, and new laws. As it is said by the Maya prophecies:

    Time will come when you will have to pay with currency for the water. Then the Jaguar mask will come back to rule. And there will be great changes.
    The trousers will be different, the shoes will be different. New leaders will come to seat on the carpet of power. New ‘Halach Uinichs’ will hold the scepter of government.
    When the empire of greed ends then Justice will seat again on the throne of the Itzaes.
    And there shall be redemption for the people.

    Since December first when Fox stepped out of power there is no president in Mexico. We do not recognize Calderon neither Obrador as presidents.
    Casa Del Sol calls on all lovers of justice to demand new presidential elections in Mexico under new electoral laws and new rules made by the sovereign people.

    The past elections were fraudulent and no one won a clear majority.
    Casa Del Sol demands of new presidential elections.
    1-Join the campaign to prevent civil instability or civil war in Mexico. Help demand new presidential elections.
    2-Earn some money helping to sell the VIVA MEXICO T-shirt in support of democracy and free sovereignty of the Mexican people.
    The revolution is a marketing campaign, so to participate you need to have something to sell.
    The profit generated by the sale of this T-shirt will be used to support directly the campaign for new democratic, transparent presidential elections in Mexico.
    3- Come to the Sunday information meetings and help organize this campaign.

    The Mexican people deserves new presidential elections and an electoral and political reform that guarantees the free exercise of democracy and the right to vote.
    The political transformation of Mexico is the transformation of all the Americas and it is happening in due time. This is the first step for the political unity of our American Continent.
    To contact us call 347-627-7369 or Email us: [email protected]
    Si ha de haber democracia entonces debe haber democracia verdadera.
    Para que haya democracia de verdad el proceso de toma de decisión debe ser democrático. Es decir, debe ser libre, sin coerción, ventaja ni privilegios, que no sean la facilitación del ejercicio democrático de la acción del voto y la participación plebiscitaria. Es decir, un proceso sin violencia, sin intimidación, sin coerción económica y sin trampas.

    Nosotros somos marginales.
    Somos los márgenes de la realidad social de México y de América y de esa manera somos el centro de la realidad del nuevo mundo.
    No somos los extremos; somos el pueblo mismo que en su naturaleza es imparcial y a la vez es justo porque es sabio.
    Nosotros somos imparciales ante la lucha de las izquierdas y las derechas. Nosotros, como la sangre que somos primada de América. Interpretamos al pueblo, no a los partidos ni a las ideologías. No participamos en bandos políticos que no sean la soberanía y el reclamo de nuestras tierras ancestrales robadas por la invasión europea.
    No somos de bando apolítico que no sean la soberanía del pueblo sobre los gobiernos y los gobernantes. El poder de la gente sobre el Estado.

    Estados Unidos es el baluarte de la democracia y sin embargo deja mucho que desear, pues siempre ciertos intereses tratan de desviar la intención del pueblo ya sea con dinero o con poder; con intimidación, con ofrecimientos y muchas veces con trampa. La corrupción siempre tira su carta de juego y muchas vece triunfa.
    Falto como sea este proceso, el proceso democrático es el único que ofrece cierta garantía de consulta y libertad de participación popular.
    El poder económico con su dinero estrangula el proceso democratizador y usa su poder para sancionarse y promoverse en el poder del Estado, enarbolando una democracia muerta, asesinada por el poder del capital sobre la maquinaria armada.
    Para que haya democracia debe haber democracia económica, no sólo democracia política.
    Es decir, tiene que haber acceso libre al capital.
    Nosotros somos marginales. Pero reconocemos el derecho del pueblo sobre los recursos de la naturaleza. El derecho a reclamar la tierra, el subsuelo, los mares y los cielos.
    Pero ahora unos pocos se han apoderado de todo, cielo, tierra, mar y subsuelo. Y con ese poder manipulan el proceso democrático.

    Para que haya democracia debe haber libertad política, libertad económica, libertad cultural, libertad y derecho de autodefensa. Si algunas de estas condiciones faltan, la democracia es rehén de la tiranía. El pueblo mexica tiene derecho a la democracia y tiene derecho a reclamar unas nuevas elecciones presidenciales.
    El pueblo es soberano y puede reclamar con su voz y sus pies que haya unas nuevas elecciones. El pueblo con su voluntad de congregación puede declarar por su soberanía que no hay gobierno constitucional porque el proceso electoral no fue imparcial. No se pudo establecer ciertamente quién ganó las elecciones. El proceso dominado por el partido incumbente no ha podido afirmar con el voto a un ganador irrefutable de la voluntad mayoritaria de pueblo.

    El proceso democrático está torcido y sólo el pueblo tiene el poder de enderezarlo, llamando a unas nuevas elecciones y declarando la presidencia vacante.
    Desde el 1º de Diciembre, el día que Fox entrego el poder al pueblo mexicano para que entre el ganador en México nadie es presidente. No ha habido un ganador irrefutable, por lo tanto no hay ningún presidente por lo que deben haber nuevas elecciones libres para que el pueblo decida quién debe gobernar México. El pueblo tiene el poder de establecer una constituyente electoral para establecer las reglas de nuevas elecciones.

    Nosotros no nos adherimos a ningún extremo político.
    En definitiva, derecha e izquierda son espectros políticos extranjeros que no reflejan la realidad social de nuestra América donde todavía dominan las elites descendientes de los invasores que vinieron de Europa a colonizar y conquistar nuestras tierras.
    Es más, el espectro político derecha e izquierda divide nuestra voluntad social. Divide y debilita la lucha de nuestros pueblos por su liberación y soberanía sobre las tierras de nuestro continente.
    En verdad el izquierdismo tanto como el derechismo son nociones de gobierno ajenas y nocivas a los intereses de nuestros pueblos. El izquierdismo nos lleva al subdesarrollo y estancamiento económico. El derechismo nos lleva a la degradación ambiental y el consumo irracional. Uno nos lleva a la miseria económica y el otro a la miseria social.
    El centro de la cuestión es libertad y justicia; si no hay justicia, no puede haber libertad. Si no hay libertad, no hay justicia.
    Ambos, ni izquierda ni derecha, han podido garantizar ni libertad ni progreso económico.
    Preguntamos nosotros ¿hay ahora libertad y justicia para todos en los Estados Unidos de América del Norte? En realidad no la hay. Pero el mínimo de democracia que hay ahora garantiza que haya cierta estabilidad civil como para permitir el progreso económico del pueblo que no es posible en el México de ahora.
    Nosotros vamos a entrar en tiempos nuevos y hay que establecer nueva tradiciones, nuevas prácticas de gobierno y de economía. Como dicen los mayas, el braguero será diferente. El calzado será diferente. Nuevos jefes vendrán a sentarse en la estera. Nuevos Halach Uinich. Volverá a gobernar la máscara del jaguar, cuando termine el imperio de la codicia y se asiente otra vez la justicia en el trono de los Itzaes.
    La Casa Del Sol no reconoce ni a Obrador ni a Calderón como presientes del pueblo mexicano Y apoya la demanda de nuevas elecciones presidenciales.
    En definitiva, el pueblo es soberano y tiene la potestad de no reconocer a nadie con el poder presidencial desde el Primero de Diciembre de 2006.

    1-Únase a la campaña por unas nuevas elecciones presidenciales en México para evitar una guerra civil.
    2-Gane dinero, participe en vender la camiseta ¡VIVA MÉXICO! y con ello apoye la democracia y la libertad soberana del pueble de México.
    De cada camiseta vendida serán enviados fondos a México para apoyar la campaña en demanda de unas nuevas elecciones presidenciales democráticas.

    La demanda de unas nuevas elecciones presidenciales y de una reforma electoral y política que garantice el ejercicio democrático del voto es una prerrogativa del pueblo Mexicano
    La transformación política de México transformará todas las Américas. Este es el comienzo de la unidad política de nuestro continente americano.
    Para mas información contáctenos Tel: 347-627-7369 Email: [email protected]

  2. December 22 is also the day traditionally used to honor those killed by govt paramilitaries at Acteal, Chiapas.

  3. Please let me know what to do do help with the protest on Dec. 22. We have several people here who would be willing to sign a petition if this is what you need. –or let us know what else would be helpful.
    thanks BTimbes

  4. Agera i solidaritet med Oaxaca, 22 december

  5. A proclomation from which any sane person would take great strength and counsel from such succinctly put reasonings.
    They fill me with a feeling of solidarity and unity for all peoples facing the situation confronting the planet and therefor ‘us’, and despite living in one part of the world ( England ) which talks of ‘right’ and ‘left’ politics and showing an apparent apathy for social justice and change, I for one understand completely where these sentiments are coming from.
    The press over here hasn’t touched your peoples story now for sometime.I wrote to a so called liberal newspaper over here ,( but then as you quite rightly point out the old liberal ideals are largely harmful,restrictive and spent as are the all consuming with no consience state funded capitalist ideas and policies which now go hand in hand with them) and got no reply !….they don’t afterall want to upset their paymasters and it was no longer fashionable news.
    I wish the movement strength and health all the while it moves,expanding with truth,integrity,wisdom and love.
    May your ideals become the ‘norm’

  6. Demonstrators Denounce the Lack of Corporate Media Coverage of Oaxaca

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