Mexico on the Brink: Screening of El Enemigo Común & Discussion in Richmond, VA

Penny W. writes: Film showing and discussion on current events and struggle in Mexico.

Mexico on the Brink:

– A community discussion on recent events in Mexico, the people’s popular struggle of Oaxaca, the Zapatista’s Other Campaign and the ascendence of the new president.

-For months the popular movement of the Mexican state Oaxaca organized to remove its governor Ulises Ruiz from power. Charging the governor with murder, violence and corruption the Oaxacan people carried out various actions to achieve a state of ungovernability. Once the federal government swept in to brutalize the people for their just struggle, the government chose the path of violence over negotiation. The Oaxacan struggle proves that it is not an isolated incident of social unrest but an indicator of discontent on a national level. As ultra-rightist Felipe Calderon takes the presidency, Mexico is ” on the eve of a great social uprising or civil war,” says Subcomandante Marcos of the EZLN.

– A presentation of the film, “El Enimigo Comun” (“The Common Enemy”) from Austin, TX Indymedia & talk with Indymedia activist Jen Lawhorne, currently living and reporting in Mexico.

This event is sure to be informative and inspiring – and not a simple repeat of the 12/13 event at the VCU commons! – so please come out if you are able!

The PDF attached to this article is a flyer for this events, and can be printed if you’d like to help with promotion.

December 21, 2006
William Byrd Community Center
224 S. Cherry St.
Richmond, VA



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