Press Release for December 22nd

December 17th, 2006 – mollie writes: Here’s a press release intended to be used for any city in the states that is doing December 22nd solidarity events. Folks can plug in their local information accordingly and make changes if necessary — most importantly — we just need someone to take on the task of releasing this press release to the press…

For Immediate Release:

People across The U.S.A Demonstrate at Mexican consulates to Condemn the Murders and Violence by State and Federal forces in Oaxaca, Mexico

On Friday, December 22nd protestors from all around the country will be participating in actions to express their outrage of the Mexican government’s continuing crackdown on striking teachers in Oaxaca and its failure to launch a credible investigation into the murders of many teachers and the murder of New York City based journalist, Bradley Will.

The [recent] conflict in Oaxaca began on June 14th when Oaxaca’s governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz sent in state police to break a peaceful teachers’ strike that was camped out in the center of Oaxaca City. Since then over 20 dissenting teachers (or teachers allies) have been killed by federal police, a community radio station has been forcefully shut down, medical clinics have been raided by police, and hundreds of people have been detained, many of whom have given testimonies to being tortured during detention.

The Zapatistas, an indigenous movement who had a popular uprising in 1994 has put out the call for international solidarity on December 22nd. Therefore, demonstatators across the United States are protesting outside the U.S./Mexican consulates demanding that governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz and the violent federal forces exit Oaxaca, that United States based institutions such as the School of the Americas stop training torturers, that the detained be freed, and that those who have been tortured, raped, and murdered be punished.

The people of (insert city name) will be demonstrating at (insert time and exact location).



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