12 wounded in new confrontations in Oaxaca

January 26th, 2007 – imc writes: Yesterday, the popular authority, Juan Valentin Aguilar, informed that around 11 pm, the mayor arrived followed by some 100 sympathizers armed with sticks, stones, bottles and pistols in order to violently interrupt the meeting, which was held in the local city hall.

He said that the first confrontations between the groups took place at the mentioned time but as the aggressors did not succeed in recovering the city hall, members from the PRI-party withdrew. The confrontation ended, resulting in 15 wounded –all sympathizers with the popular authority.

Never the less, around 5 pm on the same day, PRI members returned again in order to recover the city hall. A second confrontation took place, where guns were fired against the sympathizers of the popular authority.

Among the wounded were Emilio Santiago Ambrosio, journalist from the local radio “Radio Calenda”.

The self declared popular mayor asked the local and federal authorities to investigate the aggression provoked by PRI party members on Thursday morning while attempting to recover the city hall.

source: chiapas.indymedia.org