Proyecto Autogestion’s Spring 2007 Tour

The Oaxacan People’s Popular Assembly (APPO)
Past, Present and Future

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This multimedia workshop will include the presentation of photos, videos, and information about the situation in Oaxaca, past, present, and future. The material presented will include video segments and discussion from the film “El Enemigo Común” produced by from 2001-2005, which gives a look at some of APPO’s predecessors and a concrete analysis of neoliberalism and community displacement. Also included will be video segments from works produced during the peak of the APPO uprising by local Oaxacan and international video activists, along with a discussion of the significance and challenges of the APPO. Finally, will be the world premiere presentation of video and photos produced by “Proyecto Autogestion”, a new collaborative media project, which places cameras and editing equipment in the hands of APPO communities themselves, so that they may describe their struggle beneath the surface and from day to day, away from the barricades and in their own back yards.

“Proyecto Autogestion” is the fusion of and Palenque Urbana in an attempt to challenge models of international solidarity with communities in resistance by contributing to their self-empowerment through media workshops and equipment. The presentation of Proyecto Autogestion’s work will be followed by a discussion, Q&A and urgent calls for direct solidarity with the communities involved.

Presenter Simon Sedillo is a co-producer with Austin Indymedia of El Enemigo Común and co-founder with Dennis Flores, from Palenque Urbana of Proyecto Autogestion. Sedillo has been working in Oaxaca, back and forth to the US, for the last seven years through the auspices of The Committee Organized in Defense of the People’s Right’s (CODEP), and The Oaxacan Popular Magonista Antineoliberal Coordination (COMPA), both predecessors of APPO. Sedillo continues to work in Oaxaca and now presents Proyecto Autogestion’s debut international solidarity project. Over the last seven years, Sedillo’s work has contributed to the liberation of 21 political prisoners, spearheaded several international human rights campaigns in Oaxaca, and has shed light on the complex implication of the Oaxacan People’s struggle for International Audiences in the US and Europe.

Proyecto Autogestion’s Spring 2007 Tour

March 9-11th National Conference on Organized Resistance DC
March 14th Stony Brook College Long Island, NY
March 20-21st Central Michigan University
March 30th Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois
April 4th University of Colorado Boulder
April 7-15th McMierda Truth Tour
April 17th University of Notre Dame
April 18th Fordham College, Bronx NYC
April 24th – 25th Sarasota, Florida
May 4th – 9th – Seattle, Washington
May 10th and 11th Portland, Maine
May 23rd – June 19th Milan, Italy
June 22-24 AMC Detroit, Michigan


  1. TRAILER: “el machete: la lucha por el poder popular”

    Documentation of some of the indigenous women and youth participating in digital video workshops through the auspices of proyecto autogestion and CODEP Comite de defensa de los Derechos del Pueblo. Oaxaca 2007

    download video: (5.2 MB)

    TRAILER: “el machete: la lucha por el poder popular”

    “el machete: la lucha por el poder popular” is proyecto autogestion’s debut film project. All the camera-persons are indigenous community members, mostly women and youth, organizing under the auspices of CODEP the Committee Organized in Defense of the People’s Rights. The editing was completed through collective media arts workshops, which now, along with donated equipment, have contributed to the ability of CODEP to edit its own film projects from now on.

    download video: (51.7 MB)

  2. You can put on May 3rd at ABC No Rio on that calendar too!

    Proyecto Autogestion will (hopefully) be presenting In NYC during an exhibition of artwork made by ASAR-O, a collective in Oaxaca.


    for updates!

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