Phoenix Anarchist Coalition holds Oaxaca Solidarity Action

August 6th, 2007 – Mahatma writes: A call to action in support of the people’s struggle in Oaxaca was broadcast and some amazing people converged in a show of solidarity at the Mexican consulate in Phoenix this past Saturday.

A dozen people converged on the Phoenix Mexican Consulate on Saturday, Aug 4th, 2007. Banners which read, “Oaxaca Vive, La lucha sigue!” and “Alto! Impunidad y violencia en Oaxaca!” demanded action in response to the death of two civilians during the Guelaguetza parade held in mid-July.

The Phoenix Anarchist Coalition (PAC) demanded the immediate release of more than sixty people who have been missing since July 16th. Reports from inside the city of Oaxaca say the missing people appear to have been kidnapped by the state police and have most likely been tortured.

None of this oppression unfortunately, though not any different than any other day, is being covered in the English language press, so the action also helped raise Arizonans’ awareness to the people’s struggle in Oaxaca.

The demonstration received support from drivers as people driving on Camelback, between 19th Ave and I-17, would see the signs and banners of Oaxacan solidarity, and honked horns yelled “Mexico Vive” and squealed tires in response to the demonstration.

An independent reporter did an audio interview of several in the group for her portfolio. Her companion took pictures of those being interviewed and they plan to post the audio and pics to AZ Indymedia.

The action lasted 3 hours with several people traveling to and fro by bus. One person who saw the demo, parked and held a sign. He said his aunt was from Oaxaca.

Overall the response was positive to the action. Although, it was too bad the consulate was closed on Saturday.

This is the fourth action PAC has held in solidarity with the Oaxaqueños, in addition to a reported autonomous action in which windows were smashed at the consulate in solidarity with the social struggle in Oaxaca.


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  1. PAC’s call to action:

    The Phoenix Anarchist Coalition is holding a protest at the Mexican consulate in west Phoenix this Saturday to push for our demands of the Mexican government on behalf of those struggling for liberty in the face of tyranny and murder. Our first demand is the immediate release of the 62 Oaxacan political prisoners kidnapped, arrested, or disappeared during the July 16 Guelaguetza festival that was attacked by police. Our second demand is that the governments of the state of Oaxaca, and the Mexican federal stop their repression of social and political movements seeking justice and freedom for the poor, especially in the harassment, political persecution, and physical attacks used by state forces in an attempt to scare participants away from the movement.

    We declare total hostility to the PRI murderers who have continued their reign of terror in Oaxaca for yet another year!

    We declare solidarity with the teachers in Oaxaca, whose fight ignited the social struggle!

    We declare solidarity with the participants of the struggle in Oaxaca who are fighting for freedom for the poor!

    Join us this Saturday, August 4th, at 11 AM at the Mexican Consulate.
    Located at 1990 W Camelback Rd in west Phoenix.


    The Phoenix Anarchist Coalition
    August 2007

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