Oaxaca: Change possible with the reorganization of el pueblo, not with corrupt Political Alliances

To all media outlets
To the public body
To all community members

On January 28, 2010 a local newspaper published an article written by Reynaldo Bracamontes titled “Political Alliances: The Only Exit in the Face of Oppression: Emeterio”. In the article Emeterio supposedly says that the Political Alliance is the citizen’s alternative in order to free ourselves from the oppression of the current PRI government.

We deny this supposed declaration. The press conference held on the 27th of January was held in order to show the total impunity of the government in Oaxaca.

Our position on the elections has been clear since the moment we joined the struggle. We are sure that change will not come from a political party and it is even less likely to come from this corrupt alliance, which allegedly contains leftist political parties. In reality the leftist parties are like all political parties, reformists and thieves. All of the political parties supported the repression in 2006-2007. Change is only possible with the reorganization from the people of Oaxaca.

We remember the experience in 2006 when the PRD took advantage of the crisis in the state by declaring a punishment vote against the PRI and the PAN. They won the election, but once in power they abandoned the people. The PRI, PAN, PRD, PT, CONVERGENCIA, and other parties ordered the repression against the people of Oaxaca and allowed the PFP to enter the state in October of 2006. These experiences made the political situation in Oaxaca and the rest of the country very clear to us.

We completely reject all the political parties that are participating in the Political Alliance because they are all the same as the PRI, but with another name.

We will continue moving forward without political parties. The only popular power is in the people and we will continue moving forward with the people through this period of reorganization.

Our dignity has no price. Our ideas are clear. We will not stop until there is profound change not superficial change.


Emeterio Marino Cruz and Family