Letter from the family of Bety Cariño, murdered by paramilitaries in Oaxaca aid caravan

To our friends and brothers and sisters
To those who share the pain and anguish
To the public opinion, saddened and full of rage
The the indigenous peoples of Mexico and the world
To those whose solidarity envelops us with their deepest condolences

To all of you who, with your warmth, solidarity, presence, denouncements, you tell us and dictate the path that we have to and need to follow. To those whose hearts have suffered the pain of having a loved one taken from you, we want to tell you that the words don’t exist to be able to express to you the rage that we feel, the impotence, the anguish, and the desperation of not being able to be with the person who was the compañera, the mother of two children, the leader, the friend, the sister, THE LOVE OF OUR LIFE when hate, brutality, and anger took her life because of the struggle that we undertook for fourteen years. To all of you and in the name of my children, thank you.

Once again, just like in 2006, [Governor] Ulises Ruiz Ortiz’s terrorist, murderous, repressive State seeks to demonstrate its strength, impose its policies, and demonstrate its hatred of that which doesn’t agree with it, that which can’t be subordinated, that which doesn’t give in, and that which is incorruptible, because it is born from below and full of life, because it is built with the brotherhood of those of us who have decided to work towards the construction of a different world, a more human world, where the Earth and the dreams we sow flower every day. Bety, or Beto as her father called her, or, as she was really called, Alberta Cariño Trujillo, has not died! Her word grows and gives voice to those who did not have one, and in being a sister to the women of Copala, of the Mixteca, and of the world, in being a woman, your determination as a sister in this autonomist struggle resists against the hatred, anger, and distain of the UBISORT paramilitaries who are lead by Rufino Juarez and Antonio Cruz.

Now it is more difficult to destroy you. You are alive and burning in the hearts of dignified men and women. You represent the voice of a new path that is called hope for true peace for the Triqui people, for the autonomous municipality of San Juan Copala. Those who deny you and judge your path are accomplices of the footmen and mercenaries who do politics giving and taking in exchange for the pain of the Triqui people, negotiating little benefits to submit and exploit the people’s condition of poverty. Those of you who think you are the lords of the revolutionary vanguards, I hope you will save your rhetoric and your empty words. Even though they say that it was a “tactical error, a questionable and erroneous provocation,” isn’t it true that when human life is in danger, it is dignified to run the same risks that you did? TO DEFEND LIFE WITH YOUR OWN LIFE IS AN EXAMPLE OF THE HISTORY THAT WE LIVED TOGETHER…

To all of you who keep striving for justice, we want to express our heartfelt thanks. It is obvious to us who is responsible, he has a name and a face; it is obvious who are his agents. Our enemies are named Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, Evencio Martinez, and the UBISORT paramilitaries. Where is the government that strives for change? Where is the respect for life? For this reason I call upon Section 22 of the teachers union and social and democratic organizations who struggle and resist, that their role be decisive. I also call upon the Oaxacan community to use all possible means to seize power from the political class and this murderous government.

Brech, like I always told you! I will not abandon my commitment to do something for someone every day of my life, as we always discussed, and for that which you committed yourself with everything you had. We will never forget! God give us the opportunity to help those in need, and that he accompany our two children, Omar and Ita, who are now children of the movement that demands justice. The brotherhood that we feel is immense. Your children will surely be disciples of your struggle and commitment to fight injustice and give your life for others because it is necessary and urgent to keep moving forward. To be taken aback by the pain, the misery, and the injustices that are committed every day and to take a stand for the poorest is a human obligation. In the name of everyone, we tell you that we love you, that we will always love you, and you will always be in our hearts and minds. In these days when at times the feet tremble and the soul feels weak, your example lifts us up to say Enough!

Enough silence, with heads lowered, watching as everything plays out. But there remains the hate, the rage, the fury of not being able to change the false destiny that the corrupt politicians, the police forces, the military and parapolice and paramilitaries, the lords of money, and the putrid political class have forced us to live. And they make themselves heard through the dialogue of weapons. The people can change their destiny and construct other paths to autonomy and self-determination, as we have always dreamt and shared in the networks, with the Other Campaign, the Southeast Mexican Radio Network, AMAP, REMA, RMALC, in the indigenous movement, with national and international organizations, with the people wherever we find ourselves, and with our brothers and sisters in the struggle who resist and seek the world for which you decided to give your life. You took a part of us with you, and we remain here, shaken, outraged, and saddened.

Because you are the flower, and your seed is the fruit of the dignified path we must follow. We won’t forget you. Omar, Ita, and I say to you, “Until the victory.”

Prison for Ulises Ruiz, Evencio Martinez, Rufino Juarez, Anastasio Juarez, Antonio Cruz, and the authorities in La Sabana!

Death to Ulises’ bad repressive murderous government!

We must break the siege in San Juan Copala!

Bety will never be silenced, not in death, nor with machine guns!

Land, Freedom, or Death!

With all our love,

Omarcito, Itandewi, and Omar Esparza

source: http://mywordismyweapon.blogspot.com