At 200 Years We Continue

Sisters and brothers
To the original people of this country and the world
To the Other Campaign
To the people of Mexico and the world
To the alternative media
To the honest mass media,

We are Nn’ancue Ñomndaa, amuzgos from the Little Coast of Guerrero, an original people that is part of what is now known as Mexico. We want to say our word that 200 years ago our ancestors gave their lives in struggle to liberate themselves from slavery and obtain independence from the Spanish yoke. At 200 years of the beginning of that struggle, in our hearts we have found sentiments; on one side we remember with pain and we honor in resistance and rebellion the memory of our grandfathers and grandmothers that participated massively in the first line of combat during those eleven years of war against the Gachupines, its army and allies. We know that our ancestors fought for freedom, land, equality, justice and now we continue struggling for the same because our collective rights have not been included in the Magna Carta of this country. That is why we are saying that we still do not enjoy the fruit that our ancestors fought for, that’s why we are saying that in this country there isn’t independence that the bad government says we have, that’s why we are saying that the great party the bad government is organizing in name of those who died for freedom is an insult to our grandparents and ourselves.

Today the original people of Mexico continue resisting, we continue fighting for autonomy, we continue fighting for the right to speak, we continue fighting for the right to land, we continue struggling for respect of our culture. Today we recognize with pain and dignity that in our struggle for freedom in this country, we have given thousands of lives and to this day we still are not free. We also recognize that this is due to the lack of unity and a common plan of struggle amongst us the oppressed, so that in repeated occasions our anxiousness for freedom has made us cannon fodder and we have been used so that the powerful continue their dominance over this country.

In these days, we have seen with rage and indignation how the bad government manipulates the people through the mass media, selling the idea that we are an independent country. We wonder in what and from who are we independent? If as a country we owe billions and billions of dollars to foreign capitalists; if as a country we depend on genetically modified corn from the gringos to feed ourselves, if our political and economic education is dictated by business and international financiers; if our country is subject to neoliberal laws imposed by worldwide capital. What independence are we going to celebrate?

Before the actual situation, there’s nothing left for the people other than to organize itself from below and to the left to continue struggling for the same that our grandparents did. We honor the memory and values that many years ago our forefathers struggled for. Another independence is necessary, that’s why we need to continue the struggle so that it is possible.
Never again a Mexico without us!

Suljaa, Mexico, Sept. 14, 2010
The word of the people is clear, free, rebellious and true.
Radio Nomndaa
the word of the water

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